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There need to be more ways to recover HP. But it's pretty fun so far!

Love the game! But would love to see more mods. Also, the Discord invite is expired.

Also, I don't know if you're still doing updates on this game, but it'd be nice to have a flagging feature for when you know which cards are skulls.


How do you access the new episodes? All I'm seeing on the episodes list are the default ones.

It would be nice if we could see the hints AFTER flipping a card.

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While this is a very fun game, it does get kind of samey after a while. Anybody who's ever played Touhou Project is going to have a pretty easy time with this. Suggestions:

1. More bullet patterns. Currently there are two: aimed and homing. Aimed shots are easy to avoid by streaming. The homing bots are trickier but you can still get them caught pretty easily. (Note: DO NOT CHANGE THE HOMING BOTS. SAID GETTING CAUGHT EASILY IS WHAT BALANCES THEM OUT.)

2. Fragmentation gets REALLY OP after a while.

3. Maybe give the player more shot types? (Never mind I found that)

Really, I recommend looking at the Touhou series for inspiration, it's what a lot of people think of when you say "bullet hell" for a reason.

There needs to be a save game/load game feature for when you want to do other things but don't want to leave your computer running.

What do the orange keys do? I can't seem to figure that out.

High score saving, please! It's really fun and I'd love to be able to see how I get better over time!

Okay I keep trying to screencap it to no avail, it's like one of those flashy lines that you see going down on old VHS tapes?

PLEASE give the option to disable that flashing line that goes across the screen, it is annoying at best and seisure-inducing at worst.

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Oh yes, I also found an issue with a softlock.

If you have a hand of shields and siphon, and the opponent does not have any attack cards, it will not let you discard and draw.

Basically, add some limitation to shields up it gets really ridiculous.

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It'd be great if there were a windowed option! Also, you might want to nerf the necromancer a bit.

EDIT: I just found the windowed option.

EDIT 2: It's impossibly small.

EDIT 3: It can be resized.

ADDITION UNRELATED TO THE ISSUE ABOVE!: It'd be cool if there was some way to remove cards from the deck, increase the odds of card draw.

Putting up a lot of Rail Guns really slows it down, for some reason.

This is a really fun game! There are some serious issues that need addressing, though.

1. Game speed is seriously laggy.

2. Navigating is difficult due to the above-mentioned problem as well as the fact that the mouse controls seem to be on a hair trigger.

3. It's way hard to figure out from looking where a building can and can't go, as well as calculating bonuses. 

Maybe using simpler graphics would help? Employing a shortcut to enable a top-down view would also be handy. Also adding some visual references to show the exact AOE cliffs and hills have.

Has potential.



Love the game! I love picross, and it's always interesting to see your alternate clues.


  1. Get rid of the ? clue type. It's utterly pointless.
  2. The pink clue type makes things a little too easy, perhaps nerf it a bit?
  3. Some of the levels have multiple solutions.
  4. Also, there are a few too many example puzzles after each new clue type.

Love the game! Just a few notes on making it better:

1. Sound effects.

2. More controlled ways of thinning your deck. Exiling cards later in the game is good, but it needs to be controlled.

3. Making it easier to obtain gold. I've never once managed to get out of a dungeon.

4. Some way to put aside treasures without exiling them? Like just discarding them? They've gotten in the way of my Last Words a lot.

5. Also, there's a glitch where if you throw a card at an invalid target, it'll just hover there stuck until it's pulled back out.

Great job on adding the color markers! Makes things SO much easier than having to count and remember.

Suggestion No.1 still applies, and making windowed mode usable would be nice too.

Something else that might be interesting are adding different kinds of power-ups? Like one that checks a 3x3 area or maybe one that marks random places the ladder couldn't be?

I love this game a lot - seriously, last night I spent THREE HOURS PLAYING IT and didn't even notice until it was almost midnight.


  1. Have clues stay visible on the side of the screen rather than disappearing after a few seconds.
  2. Have a way to mark potential ladder candidates.
  3. MORE INFO TILES. I keep having to resort to strategic Cross Checking to get a hint as to where the ladder is. Luckily I save up a lot of them.
  4. Some way to easier to judge probable master block locations. Again, some kind of marking system would help a lot there.

Three-way traffic lights would be nice too.

Could you add one-way roads? (Love the game, btw - I've spent way too many hours playing it!)