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Hey! Sorry for the delayed response, I've just finished writing a walkthrough which should help:


absolutely great. Loved the lewd parts and the art. Glasha and Crow make most Orcs look so hot(Well aside from mine and my Wife's Half-Orc D&D charcters.. And tha female Orc in the Warcraft movie) as fun as Glasha was have to save Crow I'd probably kill for her. She has many layers to her. Innocence, lewdness, vulnerability, and wanting to find love she never had from "dad." Even everything she did with Carmen/Roman/Herself she was so devoted/loved RomanWholsome Ending) Great story. While I didn't get all the endings(some weren't my cup of tea). As said all the aspects were great. I'll be donating whem I get a chance. If your future content is anything like this