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Is there a place to see the VO casts contributions

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will that be necessary for each update?  A start over? 

Enjoying the game so far. Lucy and Sandra are my favorites , can't figure out which one is best girl. Only thing I'm having a bit of a issue woth is Tanja, just leaving a bad feeling in my mouth even though she probably deserves it. Just surprised Lucy  would agree to it  always struck me as the "better" girl morally. Still I get it. Otherwise enjoying the game. Also even though some things seem off  or older most of the models are pretty good. Some older stuff have models that seem off in the eyes or too thin arms or legs. These all look look pretty good 

So neither of the games are finished and are peripherally linked? 

Very nice! Except for the eyes on like 2 of the model's I like pretty much all the models, great work. Really like the personalities as well. 

Omg I love the way Katherine handled Klaus. It was epic. I hate Klaus so much. 

I don't see chapter 1-2 up there are they not availabl?

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The second wheel in the woods isn't spawning. Yes i already got the first wheel in the room with the holy rod. Also I can't use the pick axe on the hole in the east tower. Just says "there is outdoor air coming in from this hole" and no option to choose the pickeaxe

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Is there a place to see where/what the extra scenes are? I'm missing three scenes in the gallery and seem to be jade sub scenes and extra scenes quickie 1 & 2, ans to her bosom.  And is there a way to back up saves on android fir when season 2 starts? 

There are some great models in the game but the 2i like the most are lily and keodele. The just seem the the most "realistic" might be the right word. Just seem the most well proportioned to me remind me of what I thought of Sparkle in the healslut game. Again that being said there are many great models and animations in this game good job! :)

Okay cool didn't want to miss one. Also Penelope and Nova would be so cute together

Hello, so far the game is great but is Nancy's solo  shower scene at the gym suppose to be an unlock in the gallery? 

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okay it looks like the Scenes can still be seen if I click on the scene then the return button in plays the 'locked' scene. One time it played the last scene on the second to last page (that was 'locked') then it played the first scene on the last page that I hadn't unlocked yet, back to back. It's weird.      Also really liked the fact you referenced your Eternum game in the game 

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Why do my gallery scenes keep unlocking?  I have been following the guide and have unlocked everything up to the last page but everytime i restart the game like 3-4 scenes relock themselves.  I keep checking the gallery and paths as i play. And gallery before  i stop playing but when i restart they are undone(currently 5 just relocked themselves after being unlocked) and checking saved all the bay back to the last unlocked one doesn't work. Does finishing in Carla mess something up? 

So the game does not work on Android 11+?

Is there an Android option in the future planned

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Okay weird it's there now. Wasn't there last i played. Maybe the reset(on/off) jarred it loose. Thanx. Oh and Sparkle is one of the prettiest models I've seen in a VN

Weird played through the game. But haven't seen it in the menu.


Is there something wrong with the non-compressed DL. Keeps saying there's no file when i click on it

So a question. I have seen mention of changing body types. Is that an in game thing or an option menu?. Or am I misunderstanding something?

I guess it didn't install right. It only says taboo edition. do i need to unintall previous version?

Is there a way to tell if the extra scenes installed correctly like a version number or a message in the game?

Thanks for reply

Hello. Really like the game. But have a question the guide I'm using is not real clear. Is the harem route only available. With Bella as a Sub?

Enjoyed it so far.  Different take.  Bummed when it stopped.  Though when the swamp witch begged, would have been nuce to accept her offer. Getting her pregmant with a kobold would have been humiliating for her. And shown dominace over her. But still thought the tame was great.

Won't let me last the question of name

that didn't work either not sure what's up with it being difficult

 cool thanks. I usually prefer playing on my tablet. Which it doesn't like web  based games. 

thanks I'll try that. Just seemed weird that one 1 scene that didn't unlock labeled as "tieing up crow" I'll try to see if I have a load near there. Thanks again.

I used a benchmark app. It said: Introduction Sets: arm64

If that is what you were asking before?

Okay I cleared 4.5 gig downloaded the game via the link here. After staging there's 3.1 gigs left. Still won't install. I'm using an Android 9 OS not sure what arm-64 is . And I have definitely allowed the system to install their party apps. I tried the default unpacker and installer that came with the packet. And I used fx explorer which I DL'd cause another game needed it too stall. Still says "app not installed" so I will have to give up on this one unlessthere are any insights? 

Is this one web based?

Yeah considering they have had sex or she's watched him. As she tells Marcus when he asks about compariaons. "He's a Magnificent Beast" or somesuch lol. Kind of expected 'something even if she just watched Crow and Roman

The new epilogues or rather stuff not in the free version. Is it a branch-off of the endings or just additional paths that need more playthroughs?

absolutely great. Loved the lewd parts and the art. Glasha and Crow make most Orcs look so hot(Well aside from mine and my Wife's Half-Orc D&D charcters.. And tha female Orc in the Warcraft movie) as fun as Glasha was have to save Crow I'd probably kill for her. She has many layers to her. Innocence, lewdness, vulnerability, and wanting to find love she never had from "dad." Even everything she did with Carmen/Roman/Herself she was so devoted/loved RomanWholsome Ending) Great story. While I didn't get all the endings(some weren't my cup of tea). As said all the aspects were great. I'll be donating whem I get a chance. If your future content is anything like this

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Is there a way to save the galleries to SD card? Gonna want to free space soon but don't want to lose the gray art/visual story. Would really love the artwork as a screensaver storyboard like format. Telling a story with pics. Also I noticed a few scenes didn't unlock when the rest of that series. Like the last image in the tie Crow up says to "tie crow up to unlock" but all the others that said the same are unlocked.

how much space is needed total? I have almost 4gb available still doesnt install

I'm not sure what arm64 is sorry. But I will try the new build