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I really enjoyed the game!
Quite challenging, but fun nonetheless. 

The one thing I found a bit annoying, was that once the inner walls were destroyed, it was basically game over as you couldn't place any cards to defend yourself. Other than that, looking forward to what the game has in store for the future!

I also made a short video about my experience playing the game, feel free to use it to promote the game in any way.

Thank you for recording the video! I enjoyed watching the video.
When enemy broke to the inner wall, I thought it was pointless to stop it. Even if you defend it, you'll soon be stronger and more enemies.

But I am aware that many users want to do something more in the situation, and I am planning to add something to relieve that desire!
Thank you for your feedback!

I played the game a bit further after recording and got to the final wave (I believe) and the game is lots of fun!
But it is indeed difficult once the inner wall is broken, especially the last wave, as the enemy is so strong and fast.

I'm looking forward to more though, good luck with the game!