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Very nice game. I became interested in music ensemble.  
Unlike others, all levels were easy for me, and I wanted to play longer.

Being able to do demo versions on the Web was really brilliant, and I hope you get good results on Indiecraft.

I think it's a bug. Thank you so much for the report! I'll fix it.

For the demo version, 15 wave is last wave. It's limited so you can't break it on purpose.
In the Early Access version, more cards are added to increase the population!

All right!! I'll think about systems that can speed up the wave time!
I'm so happy that you played happily.

Thank you very much for sharing your experience and leaving feedback. 
Modification is difficult right now, but I'll take the time to think about it.

I'm sorry to limit you to 15 waves, but you've made it.

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm!
The Early Access version will be released soon. I hope you enjoy the game.

79 games! It's amazing !
I'll try to solve your bug report. 

I love your reaction!!

You have to deploy a left/right military unit to prevent such a situation. Or you can put a military unit on one side and defend the other with a building or a skill card that damages the enemy.

I'm planning to add a custom key setting later. You'll be able to enjoy the game in a comfortable way.

Thank you very much for playing, and I will try to give you a fun game as you expected!!

Thank you for recording the video! I enjoyed watching the video.
When enemy broke to the inner wall, I thought it was pointless to stop it. Even if you defend it, you'll soon be stronger and more enemies.

But I am aware that many users want to do something more in the situation, and I am planning to add something to relieve that desire!
Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you for recording the video! Even though it's the first play, you've reached far away Wave. It was a video that showed your RTS game skills.

You're really amazing. 
Thank you very much for playing, and I will try to give you a fun game as you expected.

Of course! It's a great honor for me!
I hope your streaming goes well!

Thank you for playing. I love the word "addictive."

It's a way of playing games, but it seems to be too efficient. The balance of the altar will be adjusted.

I'm sorry about that. I'll find the cause of the problem and try to solve it. 

Thank you for your feedback. We feel that the general's active ability and rally card need to be balanced too.

Thank you for playing. I enjoyed the video!

Your reply is really literary and wonderful. Thank you for playing.

LOL It was really fun to watch your video. Thank you so much for playing my game and filming the video.
Weasels are really really scary...

Thank you for your wonderful writing! I read the article, but I forgot to reply by mail. I'm sorry.
Watching the post about my game is really touching and motivates me to make a good game!

Wow! You have a pretty good skill!
Thank you for having fun!

It's still only the Ratropolis.

I plan to focus on the success of Ratropolis.

You're in the top 20% if you've gone up to 15 waves.

Linux version is not supported at this time. I'll find a way to apply.
I plan to support Linux and MacOS in the early access version.

Thank you! I hope you get a lot of views.

Cheese is the only one. 

Thank you for your kind comment!