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Thank you for your wonderful writing! I read the article, but I forgot to reply by mail. I'm sorry.
Watching the post about my game is really touching and motivates me to make a good game!

Thanks! Just some feedback:

- The cards that can completely change the strategy when you draw them are great. For example I liked Slums: with it you can have tons of units, but need to find ways to get income because tax will become 0.

- One thing I wasn't sure about as a PC player was the gold mine card. Need to click a lot and fast, not good for the hand with the mouse.

- It took me a bit of time to understand the Advisors system.

- For replay value after you complete the campaign, consider adding an endless mode where you are sure to die but try to beat old records, it would work well with the statistics. For example all enemy get +20% health after round 40, all enemy get +15% dmg after round 45...

- Another idea for replay value is adding random modifiers, see