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So, this application...  Very neat!  I used it to recycle some of my own music and the things it pops out are just so very Max/MSP and generative and beautiful. 

I only have one issue - it's not ready for the OS X 64bit shift that's coming down the pipeline.  I had it give me the spinning beach ball once already, and then it got overloaded for a brief moment trying to select a different folder to output the file to.  

Would there be any chance that you can update this, so it won't give me weird little glitches or messages saying it won't work in less than a month?

One other thing - this would be a really neat bit of software to see with the internals exposed and maybe editable.  Yeah, random is fun, but so is controlled chaos!

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Oof. Thanks for the heads up on that. I'm not sure whether there's much I can do myself except wait for Cycling to release a version of Max that's been debugged and then recompile. I did write this on 64-bit OSX, for whatever that's worth.

I've had the thought of a v2 in my head for a while, actually. Thanks for reminding me of that! Probably gonna throw in Max's crappy built-in reverb as well :)

EDIT: On that note, I've also thought about making a Max for Live version with automatable parameters...think people would go for that? I'm planning on throwing some other M4L devices up here eventually, so far I've got a modal synth/effect and a Eurorack-esque pitch and CC randomizer in the pipeline. Think people would go for those?


Well, that would be neat, a v2!  I love the Max/MSP reverb - it's based on, or is "Freeverb", I think?  My suggestion on the opening up the guts is purely on a selfish level.  I don't program in Max/MSP, but I do like to have control of what I'm doing, even though granular and S&H is technically random, at least one could have the control to adjust the speed or depth of the effects.  I know that there's definitely some pitch shifting going on in there, but how much other stuff, who knows.  I've been composing all sorts of electronic music, and it was fun to throw my own tracks in it.

If I had the $500 to throw at Ableton Standard (and purchasing Max for Live) or the Live Suite, I'd go for it.  So, definitely make it for whoever's got that software!  There's gold in them thar hills.  I wish Reaper's coding was like Max/MSP, because we really need granular and glitch plugins that sound "right", like Max/MSP or Pure Data.  Every plugin that's tried to get close to the sound isn't even remotely close.  They're nice in their own right, but it's not Ryoji Ikeda nice, y'know?  VCV's samplers get it, so that's what I'm using for my ambient stuff, but if it existed in RENOISE... holy cow balls.  Not as a plugin, but as part of their tools or part of the software itself.  Nobody's making it right.

Can you save us?  Yes, I do mean Renoise and Reaper.  Renoise is one of my favorite softwares; as a tracker is just that good, and nobody's gotten the glitch effects yet, because you can't change the sample's start/end times via LFO or other automation.   I know I've gone way off topic here, I just have this feeling that you have your ear to the ground in a good way.

Oh man, I hadn't even considered making stuff for Renoise and Reaper. I should probably look into that, especially considering from what I've heard it's more "serious code" instead of a DSP sandbox. That might give me a leg up on what I want to ultimately do, making cross-DAW VST plugins...