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Ah, thank you, NikaWo. I am sorry to say there have been a few changes since you first looked at the page - I sincerely hope this has not affected you (though I suspect it will have).

I am sorry, too, that BFF did not get as many votes. I was really looking forward to finishing it (I was so close!), but I am also excited to be writing TTOW and exploring this new story. 

Fingers crossed the Kickstarter makes it. ^_^


I'm actually glad you've boosted the prices a little (I think you did anyway), I agree with the other games that I'd be willing to pay more for TOW, 400k words and I'd easily drop $20 - $30 (USD), that said I can see why you're nervous about raising it too much so you do whatever you think was best, I don't know anything about selling games, regrettably.  

My tier I'm thinking of getting actually doesn't seem to have been affected at all (an epistolary romance), so you've still got me for at least that!


Ah, phew! I was actually really worried I'd priced you out of the tier you wanted and after you'd been so supportive, too. 

I'm glad to hear you can still get what you want ^_^

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Me too, I'm just sorry I can't give more at the moment!  Hopefully next time.  Anyway, good luck, I'll definitely be keeping an eye on its progress!