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I DL the Android version. It stages and then I Get the option to install. It just say "app was not installed" after going through an installation routine.  any ideas? I have plenty of space and it hasn't asked about permission. Just doesn't install.

Did you have an older version installed?

Nope I've deleted the DL and any reference I can find. And after redownload in I get the same issue. Is there a certain Android version? Im running 9.somethimg

That's really weird. What architecture are you running arm, arm64? There's a new update out and there might be a small chance it'll remedy your situation. Without actual access to the same device it's quite hard to debug these errors, I'm afraid.

I'm not sure what arm64 is sorry. But I will try the new build

Okay I cleared 4.5 gig downloaded the game via the link here. After staging there's 3.1 gigs left. Still won't install. I'm using an Android 9 OS not sure what arm-64 is . And I have definitely allowed the system to install their party apps. I tried the default unpacker and installer that came with the packet. And I used fx explorer which I DL'd cause another game needed it too stall. Still says "app not installed" so I will have to give up on this one unlessthere are any insights? 

I used a benchmark app. It said: Introduction Sets: arm64

If that is what you were asking before?

Ah thanks! Do you perhaps Google Play Protect installed? This application can cause problems with sideloaded APKs. To disable:

Open "Play Store" > Menu button > "Play Protect" > Disable "Scan device for security threats".

I you haven't got that application installed or it still doesn't work, could you perhaps email me at I might be able to send you an APK specifically for arm64.

that didn't work either not sure what's up with it being difficult

how much space is needed total? I have almost 4gb available still doesnt install

The Android package is no larger than 2 GB, from the top of my head.