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That's probably the issue. Hope the new build will resolve things!

Could you perhaps post a screenshot of the file listing inside com.perverteer.tftuv2?

I'm not sure if you've already done so, but you should install the very latest version of Season 1 and run it at least once. If you've uninstalled the first season it might have deleted the saved games in Android/App/Game though, but it should at the very least create the com.perverteer.tftuv folder.

Is there a com.perverteer.tftuv2 in the RenPy_Saves directory in your Documents folder? If the saved games are still in the Android/App/Game the process won't work, unfortunately.

Have you updated to the latest Android versions of both seasons? Season 1 needs to be run once to get the saved games to a new location. Here are the steps to transfer your Season 1 save to Season 2.

  • Install both the new Season 1 and Season 2 builds on your device.
  • Open  up Season 1 until it has gone to the main menu and close the application again.
  • Verify that a directory called RenPy_Saves has been created in your Documents directory and that it has a subdirectory called com.perverteer.tftuv. In that directory there should be a file called Season_1_*longstringofalphanumericcharacters*.save
  • After verifying, open Season 2, from the main menu you should be able to select Continue and play with your Season 1 save.
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Unfortunately, after booted me, the Android version is only on sale as part of the €15+ tier on Patreon and SubscribeStar. Steam doesn't allow Android release through their marketplace.

I'm not sure what you mean by this. Pregnancies are triggered by a specific conversation you have with any of the girls and giving them creampies. There's no randomness or statistics involved.

Season 2 will likely have 12 episodes as well, so as soon as this season hits Episode 24 I'm going to start the publishing process on Steam.

I haven't decided on a price yet. It's the same amount of content as the first season, so probably the price range will be more or less the same.

Could you send me an email at, I might be able to help you further there.

The bonus edition includes more sex scenes compared to the standard edition available here. That includes more Bella, by the way. ;)

Hey there,

Your saved games should be separate from the game's install directory. So you can just download Season 2, unpack it and run the game. If you click "Continue" you should be able to load the Season 1 data and play the remaining episodes.

Hope that helps!

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To get the nude scene you need to be either in a relationship with Eva already. The variable eva_romance should be True when typed into the developer console (press Shift+O) or ep015_eva_love should by True instead. Otherwise you'll probably be locked of the path out form some reason.

The only way other than Steam is subscribing to Patreon and SubscribeStar at the $15+ tier (for one month, or longer if you wish to) at the moment.

Could you send me an email at, I might be able to help you further.

I expressed the hope that customers would still have access, but sadly doesn't allow me even that. Could you send me an email at, I might be able to help you further.

It's likely because the game needs write permissions to your Documents folder to copy its saved games there. Malware detection on Android isn't very good, unfortunately.

Unfortunately, according to the engine's documentation it might only work with a physical keyboard connected to your device.

The move to the new engine has unfortunately caused saves edited with a save editor to become incompatible. 

Statistics can be changed without using a save editor by using Ren'Py's console (Shift+O). To advance Rachel's trust with one point you'd type: $ r_attr.set_trust(+1)

To set her corruption you'd use r_attr.set_corruption(+1) (or +100). The attribute objects for the other characters are called l_attr, b_attr and m_attr. Hope that helps!

No guarantees, but I don't think it should cause any major bugs.

There is a fixed point for most characters where after breaking up doesn't come up anymore. Mostly, if you have already had sex with Raene it probably won't be possible to break up with her, unless in very specific scenarios. If you don't want to load up an older save you could probably set the variable via the developer console (press Shift + O to bring it up) by typing: raene_romance = False. The relationships status should be set to "No" in the relationships screen that case.

I've just released the update. Hope you enjoy the new episode!

Thanks! From my understanding, a large number of transgender people do not opt for bottom surgery. In Raene's case, the fact that she has a penis is part of the appeal for most players. Adding an option to fully transition is tempting, but it would mean another branch of the story and even more variant renders to create, so it's unlikely I'll go that route, I'm afraid.

The Standard Edition has less sex scenes than the Bonus Edition. There's also a difference between the censored version (offered on Patreon) and the uncensored one (downloadable anywhere else), as the latter contains incest and the censored version doesn't.

The paid version has more sex scenes. The gallery feature is only implemented for the extra scenes due to the (messy) way most of the other sex scenes are coded, unfortunately.

The story doesn't change, but the sex scenes will be either longer or extra in some cases.

Thanks! I think you mean short animations? Those are in my latest title and are unfortunately those are quite time-consuming to produce, so considering my workload it's unlikely I'll be able to include them here.

Thanks a lot! Always happy to read positive feedback like this.

Changes to's payment policy I can no longer of the paid version here:

If you could send me an email at I'll be able to help you further.

Beach Offensive is part of Thyia's path. If you're in a relationship with her you should be able to trigger that scene.

I cannot offer the Extra Scenes editions here any longer:

Could you send me an email at, I might be able to help you further there.

This one is up to date, but it lacks the extra sex scenes available in the bonus edition.

It's better to give them each their own folder. Mixing files is bound to cause issues and Season 2 will pick up the end of season save of Season 1 automatically.

Thanks! Scenes with Eva will be available in the upcoming episodes.

It's available on Patreon and SubscribeStar as well.

Could you send me an email at, I'll be able to help you further.

I rely on fan translations for most of the languages, unfortunately there's no French translator working on a version yet.

That might be because you do not have the incest patch applied. builds should be pre-patched, but if you're on Windows, Linux or macOS the method is pretty simple. Just download andthe patch and follow the instructions from over here: Or are you playing on Android?

Probably because the application requires write permissions to your Documents folder. So it's likely a false positive. Android malware scanners are rather shitty when it comes to actually detecting stuff. The Android builds are created in macOS, so the chances of them including malware are very slim.

It will probably released here in early August. As far as I know doesn't allow for scheduled releases, so I have to upload manually and I'm away on the regular release date (July 29th), so you can probably download it earlier from my website ( or on Patreon and SubscribeStar.

It's likely a false positive. The game requests write access to your Documents folder, which is probably why that scanner gives out an alert. The game releases are built on macOS, so the likelihood of them containing Android malware isn't great, I think.