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im gonna spout some ideas, dont mind them really, this is a few ideas for a sequel or expansion, which will never happen of course, ok so there could be a less cheerful version of the battle song, used in the real world maybe when the archer, (thats what im gonna call the player character for now) has already been in the real world for a while, maybe after he fights his dad, it would be as fast and hoppy but a bit more angry then upbeat, if he isn't strictly a silent type there could be camp scenes (i assume the town is a bit ruined by now) where the archer talks to himself, there could be exposition, internal struggle, or even other things i cant think of, an idea for a boss is maybe the devil (i or at least i assume thats what they made a deal with) gets tired of you and comes to take you himself, this could be the final boss, an idea for a somewhat happy ending is that after you defeat the devil(?) a breath of life is restored to the world, the grass gets some colour, not lush but far from the grey there used to be, and the curse is lifted, that these lands will become the home of someone else, free from the influence of unholy creatures, but hey thats just an idea, a game idea.

Those are really cool!

The archer name is "Por" by the way (he is the baby that was shown in the story).

I'm currently working on a full version of Toodee and Topdee, after that who knows? :P

(But if I'm being honest I'll probably won't make a sequel for this game)

yeah sorry i just forgot they game him a name.

ok but tell me if you ever make that battle theme remix.

is the franchise in the public domain?