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how exactly does the game work? and how do you escape?

its something you can see for a split second actually.

is this the sequel to stress misery and fatigue simulator?

think he might become real in a future update

multiple items in the inventory are labeled with the same letters so i have trouble getting anything done inside it.


made the mistake of doing this on my 1 hp run so theres nothing i can do.

i have an idea, a shop. which sells consumables and upgrades. the shop could be located inside the barrel.

the health restoring consumables could be anything from soda, to an eraser, to a razor or scissors.

for the upgrades my ideas are

faster reload/pumping:allows you to reload all guns faster as well as pump the shotgun faster. "you've got opposable thumbs, why don't you use them?"

piercing shots:shots pierce through a certain amount of enemies "maybe these bullets would be more effective if they weren't made out of styrofoam"

armor:allows you to take an extra hit "stylish!"

stronger bat:bat does more damage and knocks back enemies "aluminum. how robust!"

and those are my ideas. hope you like them.

my high score. alas this game is simply about delaying the inevitable.

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nothing is happening?


"i know you're filled with anger, perhaps even full of hate"

"but i couldn't find a way to stop this tragic fate"

"it may make you curse the system, make you cry out why?"

"why is it so expensive to see someone die?"

it's the secret ending where the loved one is in crippling debt.

well whatever, i managed to win by weaving between the spikes.

some lyrics i came up with

"sorry to say this, but theres nothing i can do"

"we did everything we could but we still couldn't pull them through"

"so that's what happened, i'm sorry for your loss"

"but i think i hear some yelling, that might be from my boss"

"wish i could help you, i know how much it hurts."

"and even more so, since he was uninsured"

"i know it's awful, but because he was so ill"

"you have to pay all of his medical bills"

managed to win without buying any new truck parts. just the tiny truck.

saved them all!

managed to win without starting with any items!

i tried turning off my actual internet in the last level but it didn't work?

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i managed to escape, my body had barely any blood left. the pale husk that was left of me laid in that basket.

managed to get the good ending.

i like to imagine that the doctor sings when nervous.

i see... though i still feel like realistically there would be a way for the protagonist to survive (possibly holding onto some wreckage)

i'm not exactly sure but, i think he's sick and his bike is powering his life support?

i don't know why i die before i'm able to get them all up.

so i died without any viable possession targets and i got "an abomination"

why doesn't it unlock it as a choosable character though?

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so wait, are possessions limited? because otherwise where would the challenge be?

edit:found out possessions are in fact limited, but it doesn't show how many you have anywhere?

it seems in one of the screenshots the character is wearing nipple rings? how are those gotten?

i have to admit i inentionally played without my "pants" on.

theres some dialogue about a "brand". could i have some context on it perhaps?

alas, there was no way to protect my virginity.

i'm wondering, how do you get the other endings? i only managed to get ending 1

i now have all the upgrades. everything is done...

and alexander wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer.

there should be an option to keep the loreds animations going faster and faster. push it to the limit even.

i feel like freeze and confusion are instant death sentences...

so the time loop operates on a yearly basis with a central destabilization point in the halloween season.

detective star is determined to uncover more of the werewolf house lore.

was my theory that the werewolf house operates on a time loop correct? from what i know it rebuilds itself every so often.

when do we get an adventure where an investigator explores the time loop that is the werewolf house?

my answer for the crows second riddle

"now i don't want to be too contentious"

"but i think you're being overly pretentious"

i feel like it's too hard with no room for error. getting hit once is a death sentence and i have to rely on teleport glitching. i still can't beat the final boss because he doesn't drop enough scrap to fight him sustainably.