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my head canon for what happened after. our protagonist sued his kidnapper so he could afford a pacemaker

i cant seem to get enough growth to get rye, is it because i upgraded growth too much too early? did i get softlocked?

i dont know how but i suddenly was able to beat level 3 on my first try on a replay, wtf is with me?

honestly i think the best way to have damage without a healthbar is using that damage effect (reddened screen) to indicate health and having it regenerate over time, perhaps that 3 bullet limit but it regenerates over the course of 30 seconds? something like that.

if i was to make an update i would zoom out the camera, make a better health system, and perhaps give you a slow recharging ranged attack just so you arent completely screwed at mid range. and as what i know there are two hitboxes, a damage hitbox and an instakill hitbox, am i right?

the confusing damage boxes combined with the bad camera (not enough view range) make for a frustrating experience, i didn't manage to beat it and the video that did had the ending not show. i couldn't beat level 2 and when i refreshed and was back to start i couldn't beat level 1. minscie i know this is a dumb request but can i just have a video of the ending so i dont have to throw my corpse a thousand more times at this game to get closure?

hey quick question whats the backstory of square guy? (dont know what his name is yet)

i somehow managed to beat the game with only the fast forward button, requires some finicky platforming but it is possible

my suggestions are add upgrades when you give enough tribute and have some more valuable ores farther away

does it not go past phase 3?

the moral of the story, natives are salty.

my time was 2 minutes and 2 seconds

permadeath randomizer mode makes for a very fun chaotic roguelike.

people discover local hoarder was hiding bombs inside all of his hairbrushes after neighbor steals his cats to get high.

with some good jump timing the pause button isn't nessecary, you have enough time with just slow motion.

i actually managed to beat the game without pausing, only slow and fast forward.

it would be cool if you could see what you recorded after you play.

i imagine he actually works at a seafood restaurant, and right before the day where the restaurant will peak he has to make a great fish heist.

honestly i find it boring, gamemaker is bearable because it has an actual interface though.

probably not, i don't even think i can get into programming.

this is my best run without banning or streaming, do i contain the soul of the one who was destined to make yandere simulator within a reasonable amount of time?

i actually managed to do a pacifist run myself, i dunno what clicked but i was able to do it pretty easily this time.

i have to say i managed to beat the game on realistic difficulty, it took alot of stream ban rushes but i did it.

how come removing both kidneys doesn't kill you?

easily exploitable by playing it ultra safe forever.

its kinda boring, once you get some equipment none of the enemies can stand a chance and you just have to try to go to the right planets to get the only stuff thats worth mining.

this game is like trying to perform open heart surgery with a chainsaw 10/10

as somebody who finished this game and got the ending i can say that this is about performing a delicate ballet of cars getting them all to their destinations safely.

just kidding, its an absolute crashfest.

also the hitboxes for the target areas are too small.

i did it! i even have a screenshot to prove it if you want

just two upgrades made me have enough power to blaze through unimpeded.


now wheres my google bing?

i survived!

fair enough.

let me ask in the ending where you "refuse" do you put her fingers in the marshmallows?

like that there was two endings!

why do you think they put in those spotlights? to prevent people from messing with the tank of course! franks buddies are throwing these things into the tank for him to steal, and you say that c-worlds active effort to prevent people from throwing off this tanks delicate ecosystem is not for the fishes well being? shame on you, c-world has delicately balanced these fish in an attempt to save endangered species. their budget was boosted because they're important for the fate of biodiversity! frank is "freeing" these fish into a world that is becoming less and less habitable by the second and c-world might be the only way for these fish to survive at all. maybe you should stop contributing to the negative bias that encourages people like frank to profit off of the active endangering of animals.

suprised you replied to this, what do you think of my frank is the bad guy theory?

but he never actually did.

finally completed the game, its probably one of the simplest roguelikes ever, but for what it is it can entertain and somewhat frustrate for a few minutes, making it a good quick experience.