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cynte! what did you do!? why are there furries on the station?!

why does the hitbox that kills you extend to the horse?

why do the enemies take multiple bullets to kill while i only take one

what does the update do? does it make castle eggman boss winnable?

i am going to do a challenge where i try to survive without sleeping. do you know how i can get coffee seeds early game?

thanks. i will wake up to sheep metal

do you have the soundtrack to this game? i want to be able to listen to it conveniently

after years, i finally did it, i finally conquered sleep. i will stay awake forever.

did i die at the end? what will they do to me if i didn't?

honestly the worst part is when gobbor does ddr against the final boss you aren't even playing as him :(

will there eventually be transformations that affect thickness and femininity?

managed to get the "good" ending. (ginger soon died of health complications related to eating baked goods)

i got the forever a stray cat ending, which is a little dissapointing. being punished for surviving a long time.

the engineering teacher is such a brave and stupid bastard.

why is knight so expensive i made it to wave 40 and can't afford it.

this game gave me a heart attack. died at the moving rock

is there anything after the reset that actually goes all the way back to the start?

is there an actual end?

my speedrun. not anything impressive but i think i went reasonably fast

i beat unfair difficulty, wish there was another ending for beating it.

a little bit of a dumb idea but i got an idea for another possible confession.


your silence will say everything (you start out as a high security inmate)

the memory of that crime was repressed for a reason. the truth may never fully reveal itself, and it certainly won't here. your expression gives jake all he needs to know, and he even looks a little scared.

he quickly cuffs you, and leaves the room silently.

how did you get the good ending?

how to get the good ending?

i killed shade and got the canon ending.

i dont get it

wait, i was right?

can you tell me the ending?

but he never did

the exit link is broken.


i got into the escape pod right as my helmet broke. but i guess getting my suffocated corpse out of this damned station still counts as a valid escape.

this being underwater makes sense considering how slow they are.

the marines feel more like clumsy battle robots.

it's been a year. i barely remember how this game works.

this is alot like ripple runner

the very idea that there is a level three is terrifying.

level one was challenging but beatable.

after seeing level two i have decided to stop playing this game.

i hate those bouncy blue fuckers