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i dont get it

wait, i was right?

can you tell me the ending?

but he never did

the exit link is broken.


i got into the escape pod right as my helmet broke. but i guess getting my suffocated corpse out of this damned station still counts as a valid escape.

this being underwater makes sense considering how slow they are.

the marines feel more like clumsy battle robots.

it's been a year. i barely remember how this game works.

this is alot like ripple runner

the very idea that there is a level three is terrifying.

level one was challenging but beatable.

after seeing level two i have decided to stop playing this game.

i hate those bouncy blue fuckers


who would win:

tutorials, love, and zeus himself


one punchy boi

this game made my nerves stand on end.

viva la revolution!

i've mastered this games movement and speedloading. i'm pretty sure i could kill a soldier and take his limbs now.

there isn't enough fridge space for all the pizza. where do you put the rest of it?

still. i think it's good to at least state ideas i have, even if they'll never be added. do you think it would fit the game? or do you think it would mess with balance?

well thanks. i thought i found one but it was actually a zombie. so what do you think of my area idea?

outside area idea:the forest

the forest is a mixed bag. it's a place of many environmental hazards and has little supplies, but simply appreciating nature can do wonders for your sanity and the local wildlife reminds you that there is still life out there.

wait a minute? is that a fucking wendigo?

essentially. if you can afford the risk the forest is one of the best ways to keep sane. animals can be a source of food or simply admired to reduce loneliness. but if you explore the forest in the night, you might encounter something more dangerous that your normal zombie.

there's a stat called survivors found? is there any actual way to find survivors?

well it seems the only thing that helps with loneliness without hurting your sanity is watering your plant. can you tell me any good ways to increase sanity and decrease loneliness? i did beat the game on the easiest difficulty but i do want to see if i can find a more sustainable way to live.

what's the best way to manage both sanity and loneliness? it feels like trying to keep one in check makes the other much worse.

once you master parrying combat feels so good when you're in the zone. i managed to beat zeus.

can somebody explain how this game works to me?

there is no bus. this is a car filled wet hell. tina is doomed to be soaked here for eternity.

is this the eventual product of manmade climate change?

man that guy is a sore loser. still talking shit about me after i win.

if only there was an option to smash the computer.

and so daisy returned to furafinnity from whence they came

this game is wonderfully juicy and the dice being actually part of the game board and being able to damage enemies by throwing them at your foes is hilarious. though it does get a bit dull and laggy after a while of playing

stop flicking the light switch it's freaking me out! the game.

i beat the game. now i will slowly turn into a tree as my body stays still in the hydrating water. never moving out of the pool.

i found the tool. but i can't find any water

wait a minute are we already a clone before we even get the first bad ending?

damn. the ending is a little grim. would've been funny if the knight killed the illusionist. leading to a bittersweet sacrifice.