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little modification to the good ending, sorry that i didn't take the time to make it neat.

plot twist for the good ending, as celebration for killing all the evil monsters without eating any of his loved ones, he decided to have a dinner,composed of mutton and wolf meat.

also the early game gets tedious after i die to the boss a couple times, i think it would be better if i had like a save point i could use at any time.

would be cool if there was a way to earn extra gold, maybe like a no hit bonus or something, it would make beating the game without eating alot easier.

so how much life essence do i need to beat the game?

i kinda hate how the fish gets faster when you are close to it.

why does it force me to accept the last one?

you could at least make an i quit ending for if i decline everything.

i think its still goin.

company of myself anyone?

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and to think about it would it really be a series of choose your own adventure stories where no matter what you choose you are immediately killed by a werewolf if EVERY choice made you get killed by a werewolf? even commenting?

no werewolf? first the philosophy one and now this? the title of this thing is a series of choose your own adventure stories where no matter what you choose you are immediately killed by a werewolf, this is bullshit.

its a copout for you not to do this, i want to feel those hard rough claws slicing through my tender neck, blood spilling out of me as my neck detaches, my head flying off as i experience the last few moments of my own life, but i guess that's to expect from someone who doesn't even live up to the title of their game.

idea for a new game, a series of choose your own adventure stories where no matter what you choose you are eventually killed by a werewolf.

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there was a missed opportunity when you cancel the naming thing in the werewolf forest, you could have accidentally thrown away the nametag directly at a werewolf and angered it.

and what if something else happened if you named yourself werewolf?

in every other way its a good game but one thing ruined it for me, how long it takes to get places, i would love to build everything but moving around takes so long that i just explored every area and called it a day, maybe make the maps smaller or increase the player speed.

i wanna jump over the wall

like no one ever has

the games physics is my real stall

to break them was my cause

i will jump across the gap

jumping high and long

each angle is to understand

my sanity far gone

its just me

i know i have gone crazy


i have no dear friends

so there are no hands to lend


a goal so true

can neither go over nor go through

you break me and I'll break you



that wall in the way

with courage i shall face

i will jump every day

to claim my rightful place

come with me and I'll show you the fight

there is no better scheme

grab on the ledge and end the plight

its always been my dream


its only me

i know its my destiny


i have no friends

im stuck in a prison that i must end


a goal so true

can neither go over nor go through

you break me and I'll break you


you still alive?

very easy to break.

hey you shouldn't ban me, you made the physics engine in a way i could do that.

0/10 did a backflip snapped the werewolfs neck and saved the day

so is it really to be continued?

shield is dumb, it just makes you have to wait, it it made bullets reflect back to enemies it would be cool, because it would give you another way to attack, and the enemies have no variety, same with the weapons.

good game, controls a bit weird tho.

on my second run i tried kissing the rogue and fighting the princess, i thought maybe it would be he sees through the princesses ruse, but nope, its him fighting the princess to win her love.

i think the knifes range should be buffed, if it worked a little farther i would absolutely love the knife

can you at least upload the ending or something? i hate not knowing game endings, and from what i see there is no way i can beat this game with the broken physics

you might wanna check your physics

little question what happens if there are too many corpses?

1:kill all your opponents with the ball

2:get the ball in the goal with no resistance



a pile of dead bodies blocked my way before i could get anywhere 10/10

ever consider making a sequel?

theres so little to this game, but so much that could be done.

why did you follow me? what do you want from me?

so its pick a door the game.

help ghosts rest in peace

get sent to hell

no good deed goes unpunished.

second treatment minigame is just annoying, it would be better if his mouth was just swaying side to side and you had to make a prolonged procedure on the tooth (aka holding down the mouse)

a burger spawned on top of me. 10/10

god theres not enough space here.

light beams from his hand slashing the monster in two.

if you ever make a sequel you should have the monsters walk around walls instead of over them, or have you be able to walk over walls

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if you could add one checkpoint it would be before the big meat, do it now or i will speak to your manager.

like seriously i need a checkpoint this game is too frustrating without it.

i can knock the compass over and knock the book over, but there doesn't seem to be a way to get the key.