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hey andy. i'm trying to figure out the lore of the werewolf house series. will you confirm or deny the theory that the werewolf house operates on a time loop and attracts vapers? and will you give any hints of lore?

the platforms at the end are fake :(

sometimes i feel like i am completely at the mercy of rng.

how long do you have to go to find safety?

i have escaped the simulation. you can glitch yourself through doors with 2 clones. so i guess the trick to escaping was a bug after all.

is there a way to win?


does this horse happen to be named nothing?

are the suicide bombers also kobolds?

because if so thats morbid.

i gave up at cosmic toast with butter. i think you should add upgrades like automerge or a way to buy higher levels of toast.

try out a minimum jump run, its fun if challenging

honestly i was expecting the end to be actually violent on the last level.

wheres the sheep in the last level?

funnily enough you can skip alot of platforms with some tight jumps (like going over a diagonal gap)

how do i save water and get more?

think you might make a sequel to this?

sacrificing innocents to save my own skin...

am i the bad guy?

beat this

probably one of my best attempts.


long long maaaaaaaan

(1 edit)

a very old fetus

i found myself spending more time wrestling with the bus than actually worrying about my own hp

also i love the apathetic look on the bus drivers face like "same shit every day"

just saying.

i did a perfect hard difficulty greg can't cook run.


o mi god is gameplay on firs level

i confused a bomb

i got the true ending and it feels bad man.

i can't help but feel bad for merkle, as flawed a human being as he is, does anyone really deserve to live in an endless cycle of either dying to the hands of a dinosaur or having their life ruined by it?

i wish i could just... right off the bat go to the dinosaur and just grab its neck and


i cant find the boogers

basically impossible if you get a bad hand

i very much doubt there is another ending, i got very far until i got completely overwhelmed.

i have too many of one or two types of boxes and the only way to stop them from become infested is to shake them up (which is probably not proper handling)

how does he expect me to manage this place?

i know this is a sad atmospheric game.

and i know i'll probably be seen as insensitive for making this joke but...

grandma pog

the checkpoint system is very flawed, especially in sections where you cant see the next platform, which leads to some frustrating trial and error. especially the last section in which you dont have enough time to be careful.

funny monke tho

boney mc fingies

i have a fun but probably hard to implement idea, costumes for beating/doing very well on certain levels. like a costume to look like the bee enemy for beating level 1. or a neko costume for beating level 2. etc

i decided to be boring and make as anatomically accurate a skeleton as i can

not a very nice ghost, he even explained his situation. have some err... heart?

i got 2,509,439 on my first attempt, mostly due to a rough start and being inexperienced. hope i dont end up broke in my retirement.