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Thanks for the feedback! For the Arashiya Flower, I'm sure you will fnd it if you keep exploring further. For the basic features, may I know which features you are referring to so I can improve on them? For the music, most of the music are fron the Magic School pack and Wonderland Music pack in the asset store. ๐Ÿ˜Š


The unoriginal features... You just revealed one. The music. You used features common to most RPG Maker users. If you want the game to actually be unique, you need to use your own stuff. Using your own music and your own battle engine instead of the ones provided is a start. Games with unoriginal content can be described as rip-offs.

Your suggestions are well noted! Thanks! I hope you stay tuned for more developments as I improve the game. ^-^


I have seen games with similar styles out in the mainstream, but this one is very unique in the sence that it is in a school setting, so I think I will keep up with development. And as for unoriginal content, if you do choose to use other peoples work, I recommend making sure it isn't very commonly used and you give credit to the creator. In the case of Minecraft, they have many sound files from a rather obscure website, and they do (or used to?) mention that website in the credits.

I have been looking for the Arashiya flower for HOURS and I STILL HAVEN'T FOUND IT!!!

From the center map with Lawmage Zelka, go right. Then go up. Just follow the path from there. ^-^