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Thank you very much! It's always a pleasure to meet fellow lawyer-gamers and lawyer-gamedevs.

I understand. Apparently you can use the "Q" key to shuffle through characters in the stat menu. I'm finding a way to be able to use "E" as well.  But in any case, I WILL try my best to get that information to players in future iterations of the game.


Q1: Yes. It will be for the full version.

Q2: Yes.

Q3: Yes.

Release: At this rate, I will be pushing the game to a much later date. A 2023 release isn't realistic now considering the work that needs to be done and the limited time I have nowadays. However, I am considering releasing a demo version which includes Month 3.

Reputation: It will be introduced starting Month 3. It will unlock sidequests, influence options with other NPCs and quests, and unlock other features as the game progresses.

Thanks for the feedback and for the min/max info in case people want to make the most of their runs!

As for the "complaint" can you expound more on how you think it's "annoying in how it tries to imitate RL, while still being a game"? I'd like to understand more about how you felt so I can think about ways going forward. Thanks!

The third month is still in the works. I've stated it in the devlog to loop people in on what's happening in the development right now.

Manavoid is cast by the shadow figure you encounter the first time you enter the Academy, right after you talk to Ein for the first time.

Upon review, here are two things in the game which indicates you are playing v0.8:
1. New battle backgrounds instead of the default RPG Maker backgrounds;

2. You can view the calendar in the bulletin boards.

I'll look into it. Thanks Briar88!

Hi! It's probably a typo I left out. But rest assured it's the 0.8 version.

Hi! Other users have reported this issue and the common scenario is because of outdated drivers or the specs were not high enough. Try updating your computer's drivers first and see if that fixes the issue.

When the full game gets released everyone will have to start a new game to avoid bugs. This demo version probably won't be updated in a while though since it's pretty stable as it is.

If you download the game via the main page you have the option of putting in an amount. ^-^

No worries! Tipping or giving donations is fine because it goes back to the game anyway. e.g.) art commissions. However, at this point, I would appreciate it more if people wishlist the game on Steam and spread the word to their friends! 

More wishlists in Steam = Higher visibility = Better chances of success during launch day :D

For reference:

Haha! Thanks for kind words. Gamedev isn't my full time job but I want to do this sustainably. So the compromise is for me to work full time as a lawyer and work on this on the side, giving it enough time to be developed. As much as possible, I don't want to do a crowdfunding or take money from fans of the game until it's at least ready for early access. ^-^"

Thanks for the bug reports! These are noted.

I'm happy that you love it!

Aaaaah. Now you're giving me an idea. Since the game is far from being released, maybe I can update the demo instead with new side content and optimization in the first 2 months. OR I could add Month 3 to the demo. We'll see...

Hello! Welcome back!

1. I will focus on finishing the pc/mac version first then port to other systems. 

2. I would love to make more games so after I finish this, I will make more games!

3. Yes, but don't worry I will find ways to do giveaways as well by engaging with the community. e.g.) Discord

P.S. I haven't updated the game recently because this is the latest stable version. But I hope you find new things that you haven't encountered in your previous playthrough!


Indeed. Thanks for your continued support GothicSimmer! :D

Thank you very much!

I'd say it is worth it to play at least twice. There's no definite "route" but every playthrough will most likely have a lot of little differences since you'll be making different decisions. Some people in the Discord have even played the demo more than 3 times. While there are a few different endings, things can also go slightly differently every game month since players have control of their schedule and responses to quests.

Ah thanks! I've fixed some typos already but haven't gone to update the demo since it's only minor issues. I probably covered that one. Well noted. There were random crashes and freezes in other people's game and streams, as you said it is most likely the person's hardware issue than an issue with the actual game code. I think the engine (RPG Maker MV) is also at fault though, sorry about that. ^-^"

Yes. For the full release I'm eyeing $20 USD on Steam. The price will be lower for other regions though.  I'm also open to doing discounts whenever I can.

Thank you! Yes, he's ok. You can find him for some time resting in the Infirmary after Combat Basics. He will also be playable in the full game starting on Month 3. ^-^

That's the plan! I'll try to finish by 2023. But if I can't, I'll give it more time because I'd rather ensure quality than to rush it.

The Aura Skills will be unique to each character. As for the main character, I'm still in the process of thinking about it. Maybe I vary the ultimate skill based on your House.

1.) Sort of. Think more like Persona 3 or 4 where "dating" is more like spending quality time with friends and growing together.
2.) Probably not.

Thank you very much!

For the main character, the hair color will stay the same.

Yes, there will be other ways to get spell books and learn other aura skills. It will be fun to play around with those. :)

It will take at least one more year to finish. The main character's outfit will change colors only.

Oh yeah I looked into past bug reports and one of the suggestions that popped up was to update the drivers. I didn't know you can't do that in Linux. :(

The suggestion was to update the drivers of your windows OS. If that still doesn't work, try the Steam version.

Are you using Linux? I'll ask around and see if my friend was able to make it work



Hmm I can't promise yet because I might just release the full game next. It might take a while so please stay tuned!

I had a good laugh at the game poking fun at how commonly accepted it is in video games to just barrage into random townspeoples' homes and steal their belongings

Exactly! Chrono Trigger did this and that inspired me to do something similar.

Thanks! I've been working on Month 3 lately. It will introduce the Duel System as a new game mechanic and expands content on the existing game mechanics. :D

Thank you for the kind words! A lot of things in the demo are experimental since it's my first game so it's good to know what people think of it. ^-^"

What I plan to do is that you'll have these background checks every now and then and that could affect future quests. For example, if you're a merchant, you can sort of haggle with the traveling merchant in the first mission and you can sell the old coin (found in the cemetery) for a higher price.

Thanks! Yes, your choice in Dialogue 1 affected the reply of a different character in Dialogue 2. I'm experimenting with different types of making choices. In some choices, it's obvious that it will make an impact later on. In other choices, like the one you mentioned, it seems like a very minor thing up until the game references it later. e.g.) Your background

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)