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Sorry but I can't answer that as it may be spoilers. Maybe, maybe not. ^-^

The "romance system" is more akin to Fire Emblem Three Houses' system and not like Persona. Having said that, you can be reach the most intimate level of friendship with any character and eventually choose 1 to "romance" regardless of sex.

Oh! Thanks for pointing it out!

Thank you for the kind words~

Thanks for playing and sending all your comments! I'm glad you liked the demo for what it is. :D

Thank youuu

Yesss I love Mana Khemia!

I estimate it to be 2023. I'd like to give myself enough time to develop it without burning myself out. Thanks for your support and I'm glad you enjoyed the game. ^-^"

I estimate it to be 2023. I'd like to give myself enough time to develop it without burning myself out. Thanks for your support and I'm glad you enjoyed the game. ^-^"

No problem!

Hi Laura! I highly suggest you re-download the game and start a new game. Loading a previous save file will corrupt the game and that is why you encountered those errors. Let me know if it words!

Ohh I see. It has something to do with the lighting plugin. Does it still occur after restarting the game? If so, I recommend doing the following:
1. Try the Steam version. If it still occurs...
2. Update your drivers and other software.

Let me know if the problem still persists after updating. :D

Possibly. > w>

Hahaha thanks!

I'm really glad you liked it! Thanks for the comments. It's all noted and I will be coming back to these comments in the future.

1. Yes there will be some degree of romancing involved.

2. Transio spell might not be added. Time management is a key mechanic in the game and having Transio outside of the Academy will take away that time management aspect. 

3. I'm still trying to see if I can implement summon magic though. In any case there will be a sort of summon spell one way or another.

It's the first one. You have until the 15th to defeat the Garuda, but you can turn it even after the 15th. :D

Thank you so much for the kind words, Olly!

Oooh awesome! I'll go watch it!

Thanks for this! 

Yeah thankfully you recommended a plugin I can refer to later on to fix it.

1.) Alrighty let me know if it persists.

2.) Ok. As for the flexibility in saving, I'll try to give it more flexiblity during major quests. I will also consider the Transio from Main Hall to House Commons.

Thanks for the encouragement Olly!

Hi Olly!!

1. ) I think this has something to do with your computer's drivers / software or hardware. Most players do not encounter this problem as you described. It WAS an issue before because of the lighting plugin but it's fixed now. If it helps, maybe you can try making a new save file?

2.) Are you using an old save file? I replaced the auto save plugin in 0.7. It should auto save only every morning when you wake up.

3.) Persona is a huge influence to me so yaaay!

4.) I'll keep your suggestions in mind. I can't promise to implement them yet, but I am thinking of game events involving the Houses. Glad you're enjoying the demo!


Perhaps the bug was caused by your mouse? Usually it's because the mouse is pointed at a character and this overrides the keyboard inputs.

In the demo, it affects the following:
1. Daily claimable item from the Record Keeper
2. Your friend inside the House Commons at night
3. Who your mentor is
4. Your House Pin from the statues
5. Some dialogue changes

In the full game, there will be House exclusive items as well.

Great suggestions. I'm definitely open to these quality of life improvements. I haven't watched everything yet and I haven't installed the plugins either, but it would be great if we can compile all these suggestions in one post that you can edit and add on to later on for easy reference. When I have enough time, I will definitely look into it.

Feel free to join the Discord too. The link is in the store page and devlog post. You can surely edit your posts there!

Wonderful review! Thanks for letting me know about your experience. The score of course is fair, and I'm glad you didn't encounter any bugs that bothered you. This is more of an experiment to see how players would take a solo run path. For the full game, it's something I would enjoy working on after the standard path is finished! ^-^

Thank you very much!

Thanks for this!

Ooooh thanks for the  tip!

Awesome stuff! Thank you so much!

Awesome thanks!

Yes please! Content creators are welcome to share and promote their videos here. <3

Wonderful, thanks! I'm really happy you had fun. It will take a while to finish the whole game, but I'll do my best to make it worth the wait!

1. The bond system is more akin to Persona 3 and 4 where you increase bond level by spending time with them. However, the romance system in particular will follow FE3 Houses and Mana Khemia. I can't say what it is yet exactly because it's not 100% decided yet. ^-^"

2. I used RPG Maker MV and most of the systems are already in place. As for the sprites, I had to learn pixel art myself. Best of luck with your magic school project! Let me know how it goes!

Hello! Thanks, I'm glad you liked it.

1.) Showing bond system - So far, no plans right now. It needs more programming knowledge on my end to make a custom menu just for that. While I could learn the skills and make assets for it, I would rather spend time and resources on completing the game as it is now since it is functional. >.<

2.) Yes, there will be a sort of "romance" mechanic more similar to Fire Emblem Three Houses.

3.) Probably not. However, to compensate for it, there will be Grade Stamps available and higher exp yielding monsters in later dungeons. Furthermore, the max level cap is 50 and levels don't really give much stats. Most of the stats will come from equipment to encourage crafting. In this way, party members who are behind in levels can still be useful.

Come to think of it, there can be side-quests or side-activities to give certain characters extra EXP upon completion as a way to make them catch up.

Yeah, I probably won't be able to support future MacOS.

Got it. Let me know if ever you do. Enjoy!

Aah, you're welcome! I hope you didn't run into any game breaking bugs. ^-^"

Thank you!

Right. I filed a verification application with Twitter yesterday. Hopefully they approve it to secure the community even further.

Thanks for sharing this information! I appreciate it. If you do release the video playthrough, I will make sure to watch it. ^-^

Thanks! I'm glad you like it.

True, it would have been nice if FSM came with battlebacks.

I plan to solve this problem by supplying players with Grade Stamps. The exp curve scales quite nicely with the monsters too. There's a significant change in the required exp from level to level.  There will also be quests where you go with specific characters only so that will hopefully give them added exp.

Lastly, leveling up doesn't really give that much stats. Most of the stats comes from equipment. Hopefully that solves it. ^-^