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Enjoying the new content(10Jan demo), but the bugs are getting bad…

It looks like "blocking content" features are the thing that makes bugs a real problem. After just a few days May always gets into a "food is on its way" state that blocks movies and showers, and I haven't figured out a way to escape. Maybe it's always triggered by the waking-up line "Whacha wanna do today?"? With the first demo, the movies being blocked off was a problem, and sadly that seems to still be a thing. I'm not that familiar with Game Maker, but it looks like flags are able to be set by a bunch of things they shouldn't be? You could try redundantly clearing the "food is on its way" flag when sleeping, frex, but the movies I'm not so sure about. OTOH, getting the shower scene when leaving May's bedroom for the hallway is always a laugh :)

Love May's animations, now that she does them <3

Interestingly, I kept mixing up Arlene and Autumn, until they showed up in the game, then suddenly not a problem. Probably the "first letter rule" in action. You may want to make sure the player sees them early, enough to get a feel for who they are.

It, ah, seems a little weird to have a substantial arc about one of the UI features being disabled, ne? O:) And, aren't phone chargers basically just USB mini(and derivatives) nowdays? Despite those two, I'm liking a lot about the phone charger arc :) But it does seem weirdly like Arlene is the focus of new instances of May calling the player male: "Arlene's away at some weirdo convention and she's got this guy's phone charger.", "He does, but he's been here all weekend.", "You DID have to borrow his after all.", "He does, but for some reason he never charged it after he went home.", etc.

I gather this is intended to be a non-exclusive relationship? It'd be nice to know if that was intended, or just a result of the characters having OOC history… ("At least I thought I was." Heh.)

The first demo had a lot of lines in the "talk" option, even if they were pretty aggressive about provoking bugs, but in this one talking to May seems to always(except for plot) get "We have a lot of the same tastes, you know?". It has a second line that only plays if it's going to get stomped by food, which begins "Not that I'd mind if you liked other things, just an", but I dunno the rest. Maybe that's the first "talk to May" line, and nothing else comes up because the first one doesn't complete?

There's a lot of typos and other misspellings(normal for a pre-alpha demo), but "bad segway" conjures quite the mental image :3


You have a pretty good idea of what's going on, not sure how it got out of whack though. Every food related flag resets when you sleep so it must be the wait time (which gets shorter every day) going crazy somehow.

The demo is basically done after 3 days and there's only two meals so I might as well skip the food at that point honestly.

And yeah, that was intentional.

Not sure how you're only getting that one dialogue. It should only play once and only under certain circumstances. There are actually a lot of conversations to unlock now. I can't seem to reproduce this bug, if you have any more details let me know.

The gender choosing thing I mentioned before is a planned feature for a full game, this is still just a proof of concept.


On the subject of food, what is the delay time? Is it set or a variable?

By accident, the game seems to be better without the food event. Seems like a gameplay interruption. I think the idea is good though but maybe better as one of those random event things you've been thinking of.


It's a value that ticks down slowly but is sped up by doing stuff too.


I removed the food event after day 2. Originally it just went by quicker after you already had that meal but you were 100% right. It's just annoying at that point.

Personally, I kinda like doing chinese food twice, once when it's May's idea and once when it's my idea, and the first time going the route where she says "I'd love you even if you were fat" to me, then the second time saying it to her :J However… maybe "let's just get something from the fridge" should be a food option, which just has her go "eh sure" and then fade to black and back? That way the player can skip it unless they want it :J (It also seems weird to get delivery every day.)

I'm not sure the delay serves any purpose; after the initial look around May's room, there isn't much to do other than the things that are blocked while food is coming, and things that are on their own timers.

Also, this is a pre-beta demo so eh, but personally I like to shower before breakfast, if it isn't a perfunctory "grab a bar on the way to the shower". Maybe make the doorway to the kitchen clickable? There's a problem that shows up in Don't Starve and in the Zelda games: It's not fun to do something if you have to do it, even if it would otherwise be fun. The food being "on rails" may be the main reason it's not fun.


Gonna make use of the "let's not eat" option instead of making her force it I think.

I, ah, often play for a dozen or so in-game days, so that may be part of why I found the "food is on its way" issue O:J (Also, there are some lines from Arlene that I normally don't see until the fourth or fifth day, and I planned on watching every movie with May.) I'll check tonight whether the timing is related to meeting Arlene, as Dig-Bick found.

I do remember getting another line via "talk" to May, and I think that time the food came before I could ask about her game collection(love the things she has to say about some of them :3), so maybe clicking on the games puts that one "in front", and it never completes so it never leaves the front? I'll try it tonight.

Listing the gender-marked lines was more intended as a reference you could look at when you do implement the choice. Games that retrofit gender choice tend to leave a lot of things still assuming male >_>