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This looks very, very cool! Love the visuals that I saw. Unfortunately, I couldn't quite figure out what to do... I was good at crashing into the two towers at the start though!

Seems like a promising start though. Keep it up!

thanks.. and unfortunately that is all there is..

there are a few moons, asteroids and planetoids floating around.. the goal was to make the saucer a "rescue ship".. . there is a disabled saucer somewhere on the map that needs rescuing... but I wasn't able to get the gameplay for that in..  it's neat, the disabled ship is broadcasting a distress signal that you can see on the minimap.. the signal bounces off planets and moons nicely.. 

oh yeah, and your saucer needs several seconds to build up enough thrust in order to leave that planet's gravity well.. I didn't really explain that well at alll in game

 (I'm not really a coding person.. I spent the last 2 days of the jam just fixing collision errors so that asteroids kill the saucer put not planets and planets kill the saucer and asteroids but don't kill the landing gear..  but I did learn a lot, especially about how collisions work in 2D Unity which I did not know before.. ) I really enjoyed this Black&White universe and think it deserves to be fleshed out a bit more.. it definatly needs guns and things for the player to do