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Hey there! this game was fun, and.. I admit, I'm terrible at platformers, but this one reminds me of an old one I played on newgrounds ages back. Decpit1, though your's a softer kind. I mean, it has a very similar feeling. The controls are great and you only mess up if the /player/ messes up. The only two things I'd change about it is that one of the check points is right next to a saw. It saved me so close to the saw that a few times when I spawned in, I immediately got killed before I hit the ground. Not terrible since I did get to continue easily! Just a bit of a nit pick.
However.. When I got to the area where you had to leap from spring to spring, I fell into the pit. (once again, terrible at platformers here lol) And.. I didn't die. I guess I somehow missed a kill plane and I can't reset the level I was on nor can I jump high enough to kill the character. So I have to replay the game again in order to get there. :/ Which sucks. 

So my advice!! 

-When making checkpoints, assume that players may be that *one* person who's unlucky to get close to a trap. Make it a little bit safer or just out of reach of the killzone. 

-Make an option to reset an area, like an immediate self kill. This would fix my second problem entirely.

Otherwise, the level design is fun, moderately challenging, and definitely ambient and lovely. I like this game a lot, and please, please, please do keep making games! This is a really cute, touching game, and I hope you make more like it. :)

This was really nice to read! 

I probably should’ve put the checkpoints in safer spots, yeah. I actually found quite a few “unlucky scenarios” and had to fix those, but I guess I didn’t catch all of them.

As for the second critique, I considered a reset button, but I decided against it. Not sure why.

Thank you for playing :D