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Yeah it's a horror, sorry! Thanks for playing though. Unfortunately this was just a jam game and there won't be any more developments - balancing on the game is terrible, particularly the end-game. To properly test the end-game I added a developer cheat-key that would reload the game from 10 seconds earlier (allowing you to beat the RNG to simulate a 'lucky' run). If I'm completely honest I can't remember whether I even left that key combo in the game, nor can I remember what the combo is.

That’s too bad.  It is a great premise though.  If you could try using Cheat Engine and see if you can find the register for money, that would help me out a lot.  I know I did this in the past but either the present version of Chrome or Cheat Engine isn’t allowing this to work.  Even if you remember the data format for health, money or ammunition that would help (i.e. 2-bytes or 4-bytes, and does the register of ammunition include the bullets in the gun already?).  I used to have a lot of success with Cheat Engine for these simple flash games that are too hard, but this one is baffling to me.  Thanks for replying though - you definitely have talent!

Ha, thanks! Yeah the premise has always been a good one. Side-scrolling roguelike has a real nice feel to it somehow. This is one project I often want to return to and do justice, but now isn't really the time. Regards data formats I have no idea, I'm a filthy non-coder who uses middleware so I am clueless as to what's actually going on under the hood, sorry :(