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Can you post a screenshot of the issue? And what resolution are you running at?

The game uses an anamorphic aspect ratio for cutscenes (so there's black bars on the top and bottom.)

Here we go, the recticle is off centre as well when the game begins proper. I think this resolution is 2560x1600 but it seems to happen  at all resolutions and  other resolutions displace the menu screen or position of the view of the  character for some reason.

Here's a link to the image, it won't let me upload it I'm afraid.!As8364UuKFpjmXadfQw7z8TPQEGV?e=sMeALA

Ahhh. Is Windows display scaling set at something other than 100%? If so, set it to 100% and try the game again.

I couldn't find a solution to this before release, but I'll keep an eye out over the next little while to see if I can solve this without you having to adjust your display scaling.


That's got it, you absolute diamond. To be fair I'm surprised that it works at all iin 4k. I'm over the moon, reliving some great memories.

Thanks again for the patch, you're an absolute star and a shining example of what makes PC Gaming so great!