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I did it! I replayed Rama's route!! And it was so good T^T I'm really grateful that I forgot most of his story, so I could play it like it was my first time.

I really like how deep his character is. He can be so scary, sweet, funny, and cute at the same time and AAAA!! I was reminded once again what makes this one of my fave VN of all time! Reksa's route is one thing (i still luv u, boo), but Rama's is so solid! It was really the true end of Winged Ones! i rly luv him nao >.<

I'm having a hard time letting go Mitra, Rama, and Reksa (again)... but let's move on!! I should stop talking about Winged Ones when Bermuda is what's going on right now! Show me what you got with Bermuda, SweetChiel! You got more progress to go!

Cheers for Chapter 3! #firedup

P.S. I don't know why but Sir Marco is cute. And I can't even see his face.

Aww, glad to hear you replayed Rama's route and loving it! And it's fine to talk about Winged Ones here--actually, please do! I'm always happy to hear people are still playing my 1st baby ^///^

Bermuda is still the same old 'slowly but surely' but I'll do my best to program the script faster! >:'D

P.S. lol I guess we're all attracted to a face we can't see? x'D you're in for a pleasant journey in Arya's route then ♡ he's so... *cue a shrill woman's squeal/fangirling*...behind his mask! >\\\<