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Dude, This looks amazing so far, its like the predecessor to Robot Arena 2. You should totally get this up on steam, a multiplayer support would be amazing to see too, Cant wait to see what you do with this!

Steam - Definitely!

Multiplayer - We have people using Parsec for multiplayer now, but I think that is as far as we will go.  Real-time dedicated multiplayer servers aren't in the cards unless we completely change the scope of the project, which would require a massive investment of time and money.

I know that this is over 50 days ago, but how much time and money do you think it would take to make multiplayer be possible?

I can't give an accurate number, as I haven't done a multiplayer game before, but suffice it to say that without the support of tens of thousands of paying players every month, I doubt it would be economically viable.