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Hi! I'm halfway through the demo and I wanted to say I'm interested in this already... but... there is something bugging me and I really don't know if this is part of the character's personality or just a form of how you wish to tell the story. Let me explain but I tried multiple times switching between French and English just to see the differences and I was kinda confused on certain parts. There is a typo in the french version : "immaginé" somewhere... and sometimes the Chosen One says " pourquoi pas" "fesses" or another character said "ouai" wich I didn't exactly find in the English version where it was more refined? Again I'm sorry if this is part of the character to speak that way... I'm just confused on that matter but for the rest it seems really promising ! Good luck!

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Hello, thanks for this coment. Indeed the english part is more refined than the french one. To be honest we never noticed before you say it, I guess it sounds more natural depending on the language used ? It's a really interesting tho !  To be honest, there is work to do on both language : french to refined a bit more naration, and english to keep more casual people who speak more freely like Adrala. That's the right balance we should aim for ! Thank you to bring this at our attention ^^ We hope you still enjoyed the overall anyway ♥