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Hi! I'm halfway through the demo and I wanted to say I'm interested in this already... but... there is something bugging me and I really don't know if this is part of the character's personality or just a form of how you wish to tell the story. Let me explain but I tried multiple times switching between French and English just to see the differences and I was kinda confused on certain parts. There is a typo in the french version : "immaginé" somewhere... and sometimes the Chosen One says " pourquoi pas" "fesses" or another character said "ouai" wich I didn't exactly find in the English version where it was more refined? Again I'm sorry if this is part of the character to speak that way... I'm just confused on that matter but for the rest it seems really promising ! Good luck!

I just finished Zane's route and it was amazing! I can't wait to play Kiron's next! I'm just a little intrigued about the Model event when Osiria mentions "it's deeper than that" when Erik makes a comment about Landon and it's never explain what she meaned after that. So, is it possible to know ? Like was there something between Landon and Erik ? 
By the way it was all worth the wait, iv'e already played for hours and i'm no done yet!

Hi! Just to let you know that I really enjoy your game and also I was wondering how old is Sophia?

Hi! Just to let you know that I really liked your game! The art and the script together were perfect in my opinion! I will also play the other game of the serie! Altough my original language is French (yeah, I'm really bad at writting in English so if you don't understand, it's ok! ), I was able to read trough it pretty easily (and since I'm better at reading than writting) !