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I've just finished Episode 3 and man! It was a blast! I've enjoyed every moment of it.

As for characters in the game all my praise goes to... ASHLEY!  I was under her spell throughout the game.  I was in love with her for  not only with her beauty but also for  with her rebellious, independent and confident as hell personality.  I was so ready to do whatever she asked of me.  The was one scene that she said that if I wanted to learn where the Samantha's tattoo was, I would have to be her errand boy.  Deep down inside me I screamed like: "YES! YES! PLEASE LET ME BE ASHLEY!"  :)

Unfortunately, without hearing any request (or should I say command?) from Ashley the Magnificent, the game has finished :(
I guess, I have to be 10 dollars Patreon for  the rest of it. I will be definitely.
Anyway, thank you for this game... But... Specially thank you for Ashley!

You don't have to. I mean I would appreciate you becoming a Patron. Making this thing takes a lot of work but even without paying anything you still get each episode. Just one month later... officially. But as you no doubt know, unofficially ep3 can be found if you look. Even though I haven't released it yet for free.

Thanks for liking the game.