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I've just finished Episode 3 and man! It was a blast! I've enjoyed every moment of it.

As for characters in the game all my praise goes to... ASHLEY!  I was under her spell throughout the game.  I was in love with her for  not only with her beauty but also for  with her rebellious, independent and confident as hell personality.  I was so ready to do whatever she asked of me.  The was one scene that she said that if I wanted to learn where the Samantha's tattoo was, I would have to be her errand boy.  Deep down inside me I screamed like: "YES! YES! PLEASE LET ME BE ASHLEY!"  :)

Unfortunately, without hearing any request (or should I say command?) from Ashley the Magnificent, the game has finished :(
I guess, I have to be 10 dollars Patreon for  the rest of it. I will be definitely.
Anyway, thank you for this game... But... Specially thank you for Ashley!