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Definitely an interesting concept. Had me thinking "is this what it's like to be a parent?" the whole time. Very solid demo. Great work!

A couple of the bigger things:

1. Definitely add more tutorial elements. Maybe pause the game and have a short tutorial overlay appear to show some main helpful tips. Then "click" to continue. You do a good job with this through gameplay. Figuring out what you do with meat when your first demon gets hungry, etc. The only thing I really wanted with this regard would be a short description of the items you pick up. A couple are pretty intuitive (like boots with springs on the bottom), but it would be nice to have something pop up saying "Boots of Jumping-Really-Forkin-High: Makes you jump higher". It would even be pretty cool to see the items in the pause menu. Maybe silhouettes of the possible items you could collect. Then the art fills in when you collect it. And you can hover to get a description. This might also make the player "intuitively" feel like there is permanence to the items they collect, for replayability.

2. It feels like there isn't much the player actually does. I was collecting meat and summoning demons. Then just standing around waiting for them to destroy stuff. Maybe include some subtle "control" for the player. Nothing to overpower the chaotic feeling of the game, because that's what makes the game awesome and hilarious. An example would be something like a "rally call". When one of your demons is sleepy, you get the option to hit a button and rally your demons for nap time. Maybe a whistle. Then all your demons recall to your location and go to sleep, whether they are exhausted or not. This would be a good way to get your demons set on the same clock. I found there were many times I had to wait for a demon to sleep while other demons were standing around like "let's go man, what's the holdup?". Still allows the game to feel chaotic, but gives the player slightly more control. But I wouldn't allow this mechanic at all times, otherwise it could be abused to control the hoard's movement. Only allow it when at least 1 demon is in the exhaustion state.

Great game though! Feel free to bounce ideas off me any time. I was helping a guy in our East Lansing office design a game before I moved out here to our headquarters.

That is some solid feedback! Thank you so much! Some kind of tooltip system for the items is on the list of important things to do but I hadn't thought about silhouettes informing the player that there are indeed things to collect. I'll try to make that happen soon.

The rally call idea is solid too but you're right it would need some pretty strong limitations / drawbacks to prevent it from being overused. I don't actually want to make the player feel "in control" very often haha 

Things the player can "do" are under careful consideration going forward. We're bouncing ideas back and forth and considering all options. Current plan is to de-emphasize direct combat, but give the player key strategic abilities as the game progresses (besides summoning & feeding demons).

Other possible resources: picking up coffee to feed sleepy demons (instant sleep restore). Also lowering the amount of time smaller demons need to sleep will improve the gameplay.

Likely additional commands, abilities and/or spells will be forthcoming..