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Hello, I'm enjoying your game a lot but I'm experiancing some issues with the Index controllers.

In v.0.3.12 some features aren't working such as being able to pick up different items and using levers but I don't mind it that much because the core functions of using the menus and shooting, work fine.

But in v.0.3.13 the controlls are completely broken. On startup, Steam gives a message that "the controller bindings for the Index controllers are not set" and I am unable to even get past the start screen. I tried to make custom controller bindings in Steam but the neccesary inputs don't appear to be there.

In v.0.3.12 there are inputs listed such as "Left Trigger Touch", "Left Trigger Press" and "Right A Press" In v.0.3.13 these are missing and replaced with "buttona", "buttonb", "buttontrigger" and "buttongrip". Even when I tried to use this custom binding it didn't seem to work.

I've sent my log file to your contact email.

Hi, thanks for detailed info (I love it when people write about problems with the game with so many details, as it really helps me to fix stuff).

As I don't have Index, I was implementing it in the same way I've done Knuckles prototypes. It didn't work. That was up to 0.3.12. With 0.3.13 there was a new way introduced but there was a small bug that was fixed with build #197. Try the newest one (#197, just uploaded it).

I just tested build 197 but the same issue persists.

Should I send another log to your mail or would you prefer to have it on something like pastebin?

With pastebin we can continue it in this thread.

I was testing binding with oculus touch and it worked, so the part of handling input voa stramvr bindings is ok. The binding itself should be ok too (with #197 do you see buttona etc bound to index contoller's buttons/axes?). Then there must be a problem with my game choosing/setting up the right binding.

Log for #197

There are no buttons bound by default. It does specify that "buttona" is required to be bound to create a custom controller mapping.

Thank you. I created a new build (not on, check ). There could be a few reasons that resulted in that problem and in this build they should be addressed properly. (manifest version, optional/mandatory setup, added a few more log statements to check if everything works fine). If you could grab it and let me know if it helps.

There still aren't any buttons bound. What did change is that "buttona" is no longer required to be bound.

I feel kinda stupid for not noticing until now but it seems when I save custom controller bindings that they don't get saved by Steam. I tried to create some custom bindings for Beat Saber and when I saves them it says that I am using custom binding in the controller menu. When I try to  save custom bindings for tea.exe nothing appears in the controller menu just like when there is nothing bound at all. I also tested this for v.0.3.12 and the bindings are also not getting saved.

Log for #198pre

I will be fixing it on Monday. When I'll be back home. I will first check WMR and Vive and maybe something turns out about Index.

There is now an updated . It should properly bind Index controller now.

Same issue with WMR controllers, tested with, I can bind 'buttona', 'buttonb', 'buttontrigger', 'trigger', etc. to various inputs but without knowing what those SteamVR2.0 actions specifically do in the game I was unable to click into anything on the main menu in game.

Thank you for the info. I guess I'll get back to this when I get home from holidays. I have WMR but not here. I just took a laptop and Quest. I will first check WMR and Vive and then maybe I find something on the way for Index. It's no use in guessing.