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Same issue with WMR controllers, tested with, I can bind 'buttona', 'buttonb', 'buttontrigger', 'trigger', etc. to various inputs but without knowing what those SteamVR2.0 actions specifically do in the game I was unable to click into anything on the main menu in game.

Interesting. I was just playing the old 0.3.7 build on WMR and came to look if there was an update.

Thanks for doing the extra work fixing this.

Sure, here's a cropped version which is showing the same issues on my system.

Very interesting piece of software, thanks for putting it out there. I've been playing around with hand painting normal maps for 2D skeletal animation, but doing it by hand takes time. This looks like it could be really helpful for generating a rough first pass, or for more static assets.

One problem I noticed was that the edges on some of the 32 bit PNG files I handed it are fading to white on the border between black and transparent. There is also a very hard inverse border on the normal map along that boundary unless I turn bump height all the way up to compensate. I'm not sure if this is caused by the program I used to create the PNG or something in Laigter.