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I bought the game yesterday and I have the same problem. Though it starts out fine, it eventually, after a couple of levels, turn slow. So how do you download the latest version?

Hmm. If you bought it yesterday it should be the latest version already. That's weird that it starts okay and then gets slow. Can you tell me your system specs?

I don't know too much of what goes on behind the screen, but here goes:

xin 10 home, 64bit

intel core i5-3230m, 2.6ghz

8gb ram

nvidia Geforcre GT750M, 6087 mb

1920x1080 60hz

its a lenovo laptop

Yeah it is weird, it seems like it happens pretty sudden the shift to slow...

thanks for the answer and the promising game:)

Those specs should be more than enough to run it. I'll see if I can replicate the problem and find a fix for it.

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Hey there,

One of the things you may want to try is a malware scan if you haven't done so already. That might be messing with your memory usage. You can also email a system dump (Run msinfo32 and then File -> Export) to the support email and I can look through it.

I ran a scan and nothing showed up. I'll email you the system info.

Just to mention it, I haven't experienced the problem since, but I'm still none the wiser. I did get to the last levels though, it really kicks off!

I've got a performance issue too. The version I pulled down was the latest I saw = 1.07.

I wonder if it's NVidia specific? I know of one other game having framerate issues on NVidia.

My PC is a 2009 vintage i7.940 @ 2.93 Ghz

Win 10 Pro x64

12Gb RAM

MSI NVidia 970

1920 x 1080 27" monitor

Response seems slow in the starting selection screens, and movement within the levels is also sluggish.

I've posted a youtube capture:


Note that upload should be complete in about 3 mins. Please let me know if you have any other questions.