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So I posted this in ratings but I'm gonna post it here too, cause good god, it's the best. 

Okay okay okay, I have played my fair share of otome games at this point in my life, but very few have been able to completely slay my adult girlish heart. WTNC is seriously in my top five favorites, and I started playing it TODAY. (And for the record, I hope my language doesn't offend anyone in this post, I'm an expressive person)

First of all, wonderfully compelling storyline. I fucking LOVED how enthralling the story was - something a few otome games I've come across completely lacked - but this story really got me, it was exciting from beginning to end. Even though I've only gone through Alkar's storyline so far, I can't wait to go back & do his storyline again, along with all of the other available routes. Generally I'm a 'one & done character' for awhile, but I am SO DAMN HYPED to try all of the routes.

Second of all, JESUS CHRIST THE MF'ING ART. I wish you could hear how loudly I am clapping in this standing ovation for the art alone in this game. Seriously, I am so impressed by the character designs, the setting designs, ALL. OF. IT. The color choices, the line work, the fluidity of it all. Okay so I love art, it's a huge part of my personal life, and this art is extremely impressive in an otome game, and in general. I have an enormous amount of respect for digital art & the time it takes to build everything up. Seriously, I cannot express ENOUGH how taken aback by the beautiful aesthetic ins and outs in this game. 

Thirdly, I wish I could hug all of you who developed and help develop this game. I just recently found out about itch & the games available through its platform, but I am so happy and impressed by the amount of otome games I've come across. But WTNC is by far my favorite. Round of applause again to you all, thank you very much for creating such a beautiful and badass game. (Cheers to my first long rating ever, too, hahah.)

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"You're like a madness, something I could succumb to."

 (yes this implies in this short time I've already started on a different character, BECAUSE IT'S SO GOOD)

Oh my fucking god. Three cheers for VERY impressive writing! When I spoke of how I loved the storyline I should've mentioned the writing that made it up, good god. Wonderfully composed, and christ, not one mistake or one misspelling even to come across. Three cheers for wonderful writing, incredible choice of words, perfect grammar, and good spelling (that can be so neglected in stories, but also so noticed...). You wonderful humans keep on keepin' on. 


Wow this review made our day! Thank you SO MUCH! We're so happy to hear you loved our game. Make sure you check out our upcoming VN which we have a Kickstarter campaign running for right now! x

You're all so super welcome! Praise is definitely, definitely deserved for all of the hard work involved! It is noticed and so appreciated. 

I actually just started the new VN y'all are working on & I'm already very excited and am anticipating it HARD.  Already impressed by the writing and artistic designs in the new one, too!!! 

I will definitely help fund the new kickstarter & I will also be becoming one of your Patreon patrons, which I have never done for any game, ever, but again, I am so absolutely impressed with the work you all do <3 

Lunaris Games has my support forever.