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I have a 2 bugs, I dont have a water texture, water are grey and black, and if i exit game and start again i lose a part of my items e.g. i have a 2 palms and if i load again i have a only 1, the second palm dissapear.

And make something to make a more fps on a weak PC-s, I have a GF 512mb GPU, 4GB of RAM, Intel Core 2 Duo 3.00Ghz and i have a 20-30 fps on a bulding area. It would be nice if a this game can run on a weak PC. Regards and wish a success, you make a piece of good work.

I have a more powerful system, with 60-80 fps video recording. I am Russian yutuber, rented for this video game, but I want to have water more colorful picture.


In order to fix the water we think that you need to upgrade your graphics drivers and install at least Directx 11

I have actual drivers and i have DX11. Still the same :/