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I like the concept, and found the first hour fun to play. After that, a number of things combined to make progress less fun:

1. Some way to delete buildings would be great. My screen was getting cluttered with mistakes I made before I better understood the game.

2. Progression based on # of days played was annoying. I was just starting to get the hang of things, and then more colors and nodes pops up. I agree with max pop idea mentioned below. For example, I never had a natural chance to explore the demand buildings (what do they do? no idea - need to get new goods to feed the population!).

3. Toggling workshops became annoying by the end - it became an action game instead of a strategy game, because I need to move the mouse to the left without touching any other nodes.

4. I was unable to get an owned dual producing workshop to continue working until I set both goods to on and supplied the needed goods, which didn't make sense to me (and thus took me a bit to think of).

5. A way to see all of my trade routes at once would be cool.

6. Agree that the different nodes need to be more distinct - the colors really start to blend once there's so many.

7. A way to force a buy on a market or let a workshop stockpile would be great. (I want to be able to have a trader moving back and forth all the time, regardless of demand - as it is now, the trader needs to wait until a workshop is ready to buy, but that's silly - the workshop should be able to stockpile).

8. A progress mechanic based on total global pop would be nice - as it is, I really only had 1 'city'.

Thanks for the feedback!

  1. I'm working on the delete buildings feature. It's easier for workshops and demand buildings but a bit tricky for markets.
  2. Yes, progression based on max population is the big next feature, it will allow me to work on balancing the game and make it more interesting in the long run i hope. FYI demand buildings is just a way to have demand for resources not needed by population (like luxury resources) and so it's a way to make money by providing these resources.
  3. Ah ah :) An emergent mini-game inside the game! Nice! ... Ok I have to change that, I think nothing will happen when mouse hover a building and you have to click on it to display the details window.
  4. I think this is due to the inability to cancel a workshop production line when it's selected and waiting for resources (you have a symbol in front of the selected line). I fixed this and now the production line is chosen whenever the mode of one of the lines is changed. Feature available is the next release (v0.1.2, next week if all goes well).
  5. Simple version of trade routes display is done. A link is displayed between markets if one of the routes passes through them. I will add an option to enable/disable display because it can be a mess... Feature available in the next release (v0.1.2)
  6. Working on better resources distinction. Resources now have a letter in addition to the color. This letter is also displayed on exploitation and workshop nodes. Available in v0.1.2.
  7. I disagree, it is not consistent to force a buy, and let a workshop stockpile would change the game logic. Everything is about supply and demand, and while a workshop produces it doesn't know what will be it's next production and has no demand. Think of it like a physical craftsman who can not be at the same time in his workshop and at the market. And why buy now if the price will go down later? And what will happen if several workshops are connected to the same market? Which one stockpile? Do they put buy orders (demand) on the market for their stock, which will drive up price? This is my on-the-spot reactions but actually i like the idea of stockpile, storage node or warehouse. It requires reflection...
  8. I think the "can only have one city" problem is mainly due to a problem of balancing. I have to work on.

re: #7 Yeah, I half agree. Forcing a buy is a bit much, but I have a really hard time imagining that a physical craftsman would have a just in time supply system, which is what you're describing. Having a large stockpile is also unrealistic, but JIT is too. Although the unit of time is in years, so I suppose it's not exactly JIT. Anyhow, having a storage node sounds nice, and could be used as a means of speculative (YoY) trading as well. Although resource production in this game is fixed (unlike e.g. 15-40% variance in medieval crop yields), so actually YoY trading wouldn't make sense, so nevermind.