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re: #7 Yeah, I half agree. Forcing a buy is a bit much, but I have a really hard time imagining that a physical craftsman would have a just in time supply system, which is what you're describing. Having a large stockpile is also unrealistic, but JIT is too. Although the unit of time is in years, so I suppose it's not exactly JIT. Anyhow, having a storage node sounds nice, and could be used as a means of speculative (YoY) trading as well. Although resource production in this game is fixed (unlike e.g. 15-40% variance in medieval crop yields), so actually YoY trading wouldn't make sense, so nevermind.

I like the concept, and found the first hour fun to play. After that, a number of things combined to make progress less fun:

1. Some way to delete buildings would be great. My screen was getting cluttered with mistakes I made before I better understood the game.

2. Progression based on # of days played was annoying. I was just starting to get the hang of things, and then more colors and nodes pops up. I agree with max pop idea mentioned below. For example, I never had a natural chance to explore the demand buildings (what do they do? no idea - need to get new goods to feed the population!).

3. Toggling workshops became annoying by the end - it became an action game instead of a strategy game, because I need to move the mouse to the left without touching any other nodes.

4. I was unable to get an owned dual producing workshop to continue working until I set both goods to on and supplied the needed goods, which didn't make sense to me (and thus took me a bit to think of).

5. A way to see all of my trade routes at once would be cool.

6. Agree that the different nodes need to be more distinct - the colors really start to blend once there's so many.

7. A way to force a buy on a market or let a workshop stockpile would be great. (I want to be able to have a trader moving back and forth all the time, regardless of demand - as it is now, the trader needs to wait until a workshop is ready to buy, but that's silly - the workshop should be able to stockpile).

8. A progress mechanic based on total global pop would be nice - as it is, I really only had 1 'city'.