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Hi there, when I try to get this working, I get the following error: 
"Couldn't find your YYP!"  and the commit always fails. 

You can see the file structure in the GIF below... 

Super excited to get this working since I just spent about 6.5 hours doing one merge, so anything that can make this easier on me would be incredibly welcome.

If anyone can help me figure this one out please let me know!

As mentioned in the other comment, you will need to tweak the file to have the path to your project directory if it's not in the repository root directory.

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Hello, sorry for my ignorance,nbut where do I put that...? 

Does that go here? 

for file in *.yyp; do

yyp_path = "drive/folder/folder"

Like that?

yyp_path would be set to something like "folder/some.yyp", and then you could get rid of for-loop entirely