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Hello, I was able to find the cause and resolve my error. No surprise, it was my fault again! But I did figure out some pretty interesting stuff that may be useful to you so i've replied in detail to your twitter message. Thanks for the stellar support and if there's anything I can do to help you out don't hesitate to ask!

Error was my fault, thanks.

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Hello again, Thanks for the help last time! I am working on a very complex project and we're getting a rough error. I know it's our fault, but trying to track it down. Do you have any idea what might be the most common cause of something like this? Maybe you've seen it before and know what type of common mistake might trigger this? 

FATAL ERROR in action number 1 of Step Event1 for object obj_SharedTweener: undefined value at gml_Script_TGMS_ExecuteEvent (line 16) - repeat(_event[| 0] * (ds_list_size(_event)-1)) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- stack frame is gml_Script_TGMS_ExecuteEvent (line 16) called from - gml_Object_obj_SharedTweener_Step_1 (line 113) - TGMS_ExecuteEvent(_t[TWEEN.EVENTS], TWEEN_EV_FINISH); // Execute FINISH event

Also; does TweenGMS ever put arrays into any list that it uses? That might explain what's going on? Maybe something like an array like this? [-2,0,0,1] Do you recognize that structure or can tell me where something like that might come from? 

Thanks so much!

Yay, let me know!

Ah this is super cool but unfortunately doesn't solve my issue. As the tweens in question woud have different durations... 

Great, thank you so much!

Hi there, I just saw this message haha. Ruin of the Reckless is an older project and it's unrelated to the one I was referring to. Thanks for the reply!

 Is there any way to change the beginning and end reference values of a tween while still compensating for its current value

so for instance, say I have a EaseInOutSine patrol tween and it's going from 25 - 35, and I want to smoothly change it so that it is going from 15-40,  BUT, at the particular frame where I want it to change, the value is at 27 and on its way up. Is there some way to have it stay at '27', and progress to the other min/max values of the new tween without 'teleporting' at the moment of the swap?

I there, I watched your playthrough. I would be very excited if you would try out my local multiplayer game as well and give us your thoughts. Please message me. Thanks. 

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Hello, sorry for my ignorance,nbut where do I put that...? 

Does that go here? 

for file in *.yyp; do

yyp_path = "drive/folder/folder"

Like that?

Hi there, when I try to get this working, I get the following error: 
"Couldn't find your YYP!"  and the commit always fails. 

You can see the file structure in the GIF below... 

Super excited to get this working since I just spent about 6.5 hours doing one merge, so anything that can make this easier on me would be incredibly welcome.

If anyone can help me figure this one out please let me know!

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This is very impressive for 1 hour of work! The polish is there for sure, the game has real potential! 

Well done!

Looks sweet!

This is fantastic!

Besides some very minor hiccups getting this set up and co-orindated through a bitbucket repository, this runs and works absolutely beautifully. I look forward to any future ports to non-Windows machines. Best $1.00 I have ever spent.