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Non-Artists - Don't Worry

Just wanted to add a post here to reassure entrants that are not particularly skillful artists, that games using a basic style are very welcome and to remind  everyone of the standard of graphic that was very common 30 years ago.

There is of course a lot of magnificent artwork from the time, but I wanted to highlight how even perfunctory artwork can work well with text.

(Screenshots from )

Acorns Quest by AH Software

Castle Eerie by Tartan Software

Forest At World's End by Interceptor Software

Kingdom of Kull by ZX Computing

.... anyway, the purpose of this post is to highlight that even though we have some great artist in the jam, that even if you are not a great artists, by going abstract, you can still add something that makes a game a little bit more unique feeling.

Recommended tool for Spectrum style art : Multipaint