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The jumping is a little wonky. Had a little trouble with it in places. Is the holding down meant to block or something? It looks like it's supposed to be a block but I still get damaged.

Overall a pretty well put together game that just needs a little juicing up. It feels like it's just missing a little something to put it over the top.

Good luck with your future endeavors I'll be sure to follow you.

I will certainly work on the jumping, As for holding down, just a feature I haven't implemented yet, Sorry didn't explain that! Really appreciate the feedback though! Any ideas you think would help "juice it up" ?


I think some smaller effects, like dust when you jump, or just little art things like that. Maybe some story elements. I haven't been able to get past the thrower guy in the first level because of the jumping so maybe there is some story, but I think it would do well to have a little bit at the beginning