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yeah I agree! all I could throw together in the couple days I had!

Alpha Jam 2017 community · Created a new topic Disqualified

Alpha Jam Rules

  • You can use any framework or engine.
  • Games must be available on PC (downloadable via a .zip file or playable in browser)
  • All work must be original, except for public domain and Creative Commons materials. If you do use these materials, be sure to give proper credit.
  • All original assets (code, art, sound, etc.) must be produced during the jam.
  • Teams of up to 3 people are allowed. A person may be on a maximum of two teams.
  • If you do not wish to submit your project through, you may privately send it to us through discord (check the forums). Be aware that you will be still scored publically.
  • Please keep all content tasteful. Please do not include NSFW content in your entries.

I got disqualified for not having keyboard controls, yet no where in the rules does it say...?

Alright, good jam though, it was fun, sorry it was ran so poorly though!

I liked this! Was pretty cute and made collecting apples feel good, good job with that. Very impressive for 6-8 hours :D

first off, this is phenomenal, thank you! This was some great feedback, some very agreeable points you have. I'm going to fix some of these tonight and try and push out another demo soon. Hope you'll get the chance to play that as well. Thanks again friend.

I will certainly work on the jumping, As for holding down, just a feature I haven't implemented yet, Sorry didn't explain that! Really appreciate the feedback though! Any ideas you think would help "juice it up" ?