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A very cool and nice RPG. I'm talking about it on my blog (in French)

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Thank you for a really nice write-up, I am glad you enjoyed it!

Let me know how it goes, if you end up running a game with it. I know you have Les Survivants du Grand Froid, which feels like a setting made for Endure! Also, it has amazing art and design - will read up more about it on your blog today - google translate permitting, because my French is basic at best. ;). 


Seems like a french meeting room here : I'm translating your game in french for personal use ! 

Awesome! Let me know once you are done - I would be happy to add your French translation on here with my layout :)

Cool. In fact it's done, but I may have took some liberties, so I'll make a new reading, and inform you about the slight changes. Emojk agreed to check my work (we already worked on translation together). Just need a way of contacting you :)

You can find how to contact me on my page here: (I am doing it this way to have my email visible everywhere for spam bots to find it ;)