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Glad to catch you fresh, our game Neon Rush is a happy, vibrant bullet hell where you are your own worst enemy.

Check it out at
I look forward to checking out  Nobody's home :)  

Awesome! I'm downloading it now! : D

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Absolutely incredible! This was so far my favorite game in the jam! The design is smart and it's really fun to play! The issues it had were really small, and you can tell they're only there because you ran out of time (the game stopped working after I played it for 15 minutes or so, just a black room and the music, and then it closed). But this is definitely one of the games I want to see more in the future, I hope you expand it, I'll be there to play it when you do! : )

-EDIT- I just figured out the lying part, and it's genius! Awesome work guys!