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Really good work with ZEK. The boxes are really jumpy but overall, a solid experience. And I'm left with so much speculation about the world and the character. I hope the future will bring some more clues. ;)

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Thanks, thats actually the first game I make, so your experience of it helps me a lot to enhanced my future projects! 

Thanks for your video, if you enjoyed the hidden story (the "posters" thingy) there are actually 16 littles pixel art, wich tell everything that happened before, you can do a quick run to discover all of them if you want to

(on every image there a coded word !)
((the david cage joke was funny))


First game? Wow, really great work. I like the story elements, it adds to the world, and it's an extra incentive to play and explore th levels even further.

I didn't see that decoder, that's so cool. :)

Thank you for putting my video up on the page. :)