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here you go, ty.

For some reason RAR files are not working on my PC, even after I extracted them with other softwares, I get "failed to load mono" error.

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what is the name of the folder you're extracting to?

if there are too many characters in the folder name it has issues loading files inside that file.

I'm extracting to desktop. I found this issue with every RAR

Is there a file called MonoBleedingEdge in the game folder?

if not maybe try redownloading the .rar

Yes there is a file with that name. Tried re downloading, didn't work. I guess my winrar is broken. Will look to play on another computer.  

Played and rated your game. Apologies I couldn't comment or give a feedback on each game as I played 20-30 games in a row. I would like to remind you all to play each other's game to get enough ratings. Thanks for posting your games.