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either that or I need to work on the presentation when sharing it... cause at the moment I'm only sharing links and I didn't have time during the jam to make that much good artwork outside the tiles for the game

But a web glad version is is a Good idea.. once the jam is finished I could polish the game together adding in the couple features I had to leave out, then making that a web build.

According to the analytics page a this point in time I have 12 views 14 ratings  and 18 downloads ... not sure how you can rate something you haven't viewed, but sure whatever. 

being my first jam I didn't have any followers before the 1 I have now, so just me publishing the game doesn't get it to that many people, I try to keep a similar level of quality in my work. 

I've got a big release that should be out by Christmas, different mechanics and a branching storyline. I'm looking forward to sharing it with you all, so keep an eye out for it