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First one finished !


This time we wanted to work on USERS COLLABORATION, so we figured: "hey, we should offer an amazing! reward for a task that would be impossible to complete all alone, and everyone will come running and collaborate in order to achieve that task!", well, we'll see about that!

We wanted to be part of a greater thing, so we joined the Weekly Game Jam #112, with the theme 'COLOR THE WORLD', which we embraced very much.

In order to claim the reward, you'll have to find your way in a giant maze, go from random room to random room to finally find the glorious Last Room. To help you in this quest, we allowed the players to give feedback on the door they used when they successfully left the room or ...  died  got sent back to the beginning of the floor. Let's just hope that everyone can be trusted! 😇

This is our first online (massively) multiplayer game so far, so we took some extra dev time after the 8 hours. There should be a ton of bugs in it, but we hope very much that you enjoy it.

We remind you that COLOR DUTY is a collaborative game but, spoiler alert, the reward is only for one person. 🤓