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I've got a strange occurrence that happens with the game on Linux where if I've been playing for a while, guessing 2-3 hours playing the game randomly locks up but the in-game cursor can still be moved around, trying to close the game by clicking on the window close button or from the app tray doesn't seem to respond to being closed at all like normal, and I end up having to terminate it by the process manager. This has happened at least twice now already where it randomly locks up. I can try see if I can grab a crash dump but it could take forever to wait for it to randomly lock up after a while.

Sorry to hear this.

We have no way of testing our Linux build currently so we released an untested version of Linux in order to atleast get it out there to people. We do not know if we will continue Linux support though

It would be disappointing to see development of this game on Linux to suddenly drop just for a few issues that can be worked on and fixed.

also this isn't much but I've made a little debug dump of running the game through GDB Debugger, here's a link to it on Pastebin to show what's going on; http://pastebin.com/UCxpfJ9F

A few minor SIGSEV and other stuff in there. Finer details can be seen at the bottom which should be worth figuring out.