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Thank you for playing my game, about the logic a will have to say that there is none, but I wanted to add a true system with player input logging but because of the time I couldn't do it. And also the theme was "the game is a liar" so it kinda fits if the game doesn't allow you to win everytime just by picking the opposite of what the computer is saying.

You can check the code if you want, the project is public on Github.

I hope you have liked my game, I will try yours now :D


We made a predictive input algorithm for the fighting mechanic in ours, inspired by "Aaronson Oracle" . You should check that out. It would work REALLY well with your game!

I just looked into that and it seems really effective, I visited this website: wich is a live demo and I think that could work really well with my game, I just don't know about the complexity because it is 3 options instead of 2 but it is something to test and try it out.

Thanks for the suggestion!


Here's our git. You can find our C# code implementation in there! (now go back and give us full 5 stars rating :P )