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I rated yours yesterday (just commenting so I can see where I'm at on the list) - but yeah, I know exactly what you mean about having last minute problems in Unity! I tried to implement a neat lighting effect when the items are ported in mine, and it completely broke the game! I still haven't figured out why. Had to backtrack and use a particle effect instead, but it happened with less than a day to go and really made me anxious!

You too had a dramatically increased build-time? I've been messing with 2D lights already, maybe I can help figure it out.

I think the problem I had was with an animator. I had placed a 2d light with the intensity turned to 0 on an object, then used an animation to ramp the intensity up when triggered. It caused a couple of objects to spawn in weird locations. I think perhaps it was resetting the transform location even though the location was never animated? Like I say, weird last-minute problems, heh. Fortunately removing that effect fixed the problem...

Ok, I see. Perhaps while recording the animation you've occasionally added position key.  Anyway, good that it didn't prevent you from completing this awesome game :)