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Ok, I see. Perhaps while recording the animation you've occasionally added position key.  Anyway, good that it didn't prevent you from completing this awesome game :)

You too had a dramatically increased build-time? I've been messing with 2D lights already, maybe I can help figure it out.

Yeah, there is a problem with fuel because of a bug in the story. It doesn't show up a dialogue panel. I just had no time to test it because of unexpectedly huge build time... Anyway, thank you too for playing my game! 

Well, this is cool game anyway. I wasn't able to finish mine too. But you made a wiser decision than me, you polished this small piece of art.


Already rated, of course positively! The game is challenging so it's a good game.

My favourite game so far! I will take my time to win someday :)

Ugh... I would say it's a hardcore game. For 15 minutes already I just try to pass the scales XD. It is really a unique game though, good job!

As much as I don't like shooters, I really like the beginning of your game :) And the music.

Hi! Sorry I couldn't play your game. I got "Your browser does not support any of the required graphics API for this content." message in browser and resolution error on Windows... But as far as I can see on the screenshots you did a great job using color mechanic! I'm into color mechanics very much.

Yes, I worked a lot on the atmosphere, but I wouldn't want to break the fun element of the game. So I think I'll take into account what you said and try to make it a little faster after the jam. I really appreciate your comment!

Hi! First of all, thank you for such an opportunity!

Hope my game to be a part of your stream and hope to be there in time :)

Lying Lights is a steampunk flight story, with rich use of the newest Unity 2D lights.

Thank you for the review of my game! Have you tried to speed up using right arrow/D? Do you think it would be better to make it faster?

I promise to try out your game too!

Thank you very much! ☺️ I promise to check out your game as soon as I get to my laptop

Thanks ☺️ Hope you'll like all the rest

Unique nose mechanism looks funny 😅

Here's my game:

In a few words: steampunk, story, flight, a deeper meaning.

Thank you for such an opportunity! Will rate your game as soon as I get to my laptop.

Hi! I'll rate your game as soon as I get to my laptop. Funnily we have a captain in common 😄

But mine is a captain a the airship:

Wish you a good time!

I definitely would like to have some more time or less troubles 😁

Thank you for providing such an opportunity!

My game:

Platform: browser

Genre: adventure (but I'm not really good at picking genres)

Setting: steampunk

Story has a deeper meaning.

I'll rate your game as soon as I get to my laptop. Your gif looks very atmospheric, I like it!

Here's mine:

In a few words: steampunk story with a deeper meaning.

Yeah,it was stressfull! I had unexpected problems with Unity just before the end of the submission time...

My game is browser based, steampunkish and has a deeper meaning to it, hope you'll like it.

Promise to try your game as soon as I get to my laptop. I already like the name ;)

Hi! It's my first game jam and my first streaming experience.