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Trying to get ahold of the creator. Idea for mindustry that would clean it up/simplify things. It would help if the "sort" block sent your selected item to the sides instead of straight. This would allow you to more easily use one conveyor for multiple materials. Otherwise an excellent strategy game.


This would break many, many existing designs, so I'd rather not change it now.

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What about clicking on the sort block changes it's direction of flow?  Or perhaps a "Sorter Alt" block that can be built with this behavior.  

It is super weird to separate multiple materials from one production line.  You end up with a ton of spaghetti messes trying to separate it all out.  I pretty much avoid using them except for emergency situations where I need to incinerate a resource that infected a conveyor belt.

EDIT: I've added an image to illustrate what I mean by an alternate sorter.