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my suggestion is add this game to steam

this game I say is worth around 10$-15$ and there will be some benefits such as

more views

the developers will get more money so they can work more on it which will get them to make more updates

you can easily add multiplayer if its connected to steam like its not that hard.

Also you can see feedback better and there's a better developer page and it's just a whole lot bette


NO I AM AGAINST THAT please dont do that some people cant use money on games they are not allowed to and etc. and they cant play good games like this I dont think that will be fair to make the game priced it could be pay what you want and on steam greenlight but it should be free at all times because think about the people that likes this game but are not allowed to use money on things so dont be selfish yossi123 think about other people

well first sir the developers need money to develop the game it's only 10 bucks your the one being selfish here man it's 2017 most kids are allowed and anyways you think it will not be priced just cuz of 5 year olds who's parents don't allow them to buy that game from steam? Putting raft on steam is really good it will advertise raft more and also it will be easier to add multiplayer there. And sir it's not my problems that your too poor to afford a couple of buck

put the game on team greenlight and make it pay what you want plus in other countryies it would take 20 of their money unit to make 5 dollars and if you really want to pay just pay via pay what you want plus not most kids are allowed plus most people can do charity work with that

very good idea on putting it on steam greenlight but just so you know they need more money than that they want to work on it full time and btw when your saying most kids are not allowed that is not true. A lot of kids now days are allowed games online because buying games Online and not just games but shopping online has become a daily life for most people so I'm pretty sure on your birthday or something when a kid asks his mom or dad if they can buy them a game for 10$-20$ I don't really see any reason for them to say no it's just like buying them a game irl just instead of irl it's on the internet like a video game